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  1. Yes, your belief is accurate. That is basically how it works. It's just the fuel flow rate from the internal tanks is much higher than the flow rate from the external tanks. Absolutely, but you would really need to fly in burner for quite a long time before any issues or imbalances were to happen. Yes I agree
  2. Yes, I have. it's been a while though so who knows if it's in the works or not.
  3. This is actually modelled wrong as of now. I hope they fix it in future updates. The CL fuel tank has a maximum transfer rate of around 18000 pph or 300 ppm. At 2010 lbs capacity it'll take approximately 6-7 minutes to deplete. The External wing tanks have a combined maximum transfer rate of about 30000 pph or 15000 pph each so even with 3 bags the combined external fuel transfer rate at seal level still could not keep up with the internal depletion rate. There is a warning in the -1 to not use burner for prolonged periods due to risk of trapped fuel or even a flame o
  4. With the seat in the safe condition the "CK SEAT" caution light does not illuminate. It operates fine with the LT TEST though.
  5. Same issue here. To be fair, I haven't flown DCS in a few weeks since I've been flying the "real world" but sure enough, loaded up the F-18 and my profile was completely wiped. I tried to click on "load profile" but it was inop/non responsive. Quit the game and checked to see if the profiles were still in "saved games" and they were. Just no way to load them. I guess I need to rebind. Cheers!
  6. I tried a basic search on this and not much came up. Is there going to be some sort of ID/tail-number system where the number can be either chosen by the player on a first come/first serve basis or automatically generated on spawn? It drives me crazy seeing several jets formation flying or flying in a package with many with the same number/livery. How can you differentiate between players in radio silence or in red vs blue with similar aircraft? Just an idea. :pilotfly:
  7. I feel I may need to chime in here. First, this is not block specific. All F-16's do this. If I remember correctly there is a certain parameters in the maintenance manual that need to be met during an ops check. Upon selecting gear-up the gear and doors need to be up and locked within a certain amount of time. I want to say somewhere around 7 seconds or so. For this to take place the main gear needs to retract rather quickly (see above videos). To keep the main gear from slamming into the wheel well with too much force it is slowed down (again, see above videos) at a predetermined point by a m
  8. Cheers Tundra! I'm not sure you're getting what I'm saying or there may be some things being lost in translation but I think there is something that could be fixed in the editor. For example, I set an F/A-18C on a spot and link it to the carrier. I then copy and paste it to another spot. It doesn't stay or even go to that spot. It snaps to the center of the carrier. I then have to unlink it then move it, then link it again. Maybe it could be fixed. Not a big issue but something that would make things easier in the ME.
  9. I've noticed when setting a single static object on the carrier there is no issues but when you copy and paste any object, that object then snaps to the center of the carrier icon instead of the location you wanted. Then you would have to select the icon under the carrier icon, deselect the carrier link, move it to the location you wanted then re-select the carrier link again. Small issue but annoying. Cheers! Amazing work guys and gals! Keep up the good work.:thumbup:
  10. A small detail. The exhaust nozzle on the static Blk 50 jets are closed and should be open.
  11. I've had the same issue. It's very intermittent and there is no crash log created that I can tell. I did do a fresh install, repairs, cleans, renaming "DCS.Openbeta" to "Temp", checked firewall settings, pagefile size etc etc. It still happens. Restart the PC and it works for a bit then the problem comes back. Any ideas on how to log this issue to trace what is wrong?
  12. I've noticed that the external fuel tanks are feeding fuel too fast at full burner and low altitude. It is my understanding that each external wing tank feeds at approximately 15,000 lbs/hr (30,000 combined) and the centerline feeds at about 18,000 lbs/hr. It is a known thing to watch out for in the real world as being in burner too long could potentially starve the internal reservoirs causing a flame out or, at the very least, a trapped fuel condition. There are more in depth technical aspects to this but I think this bit of info will suffice. Cheers!
  13. Good Question but I think the Blk 50's and up were built with the extra strength built in. I might be wrong but I have never seen a Blk 50 with "Beef-Up-Plates". There could be though... I take that back. I just did a search and there are quite a few pics of 50's with stress plates.
  14. The gun exhaust door under the left forward strake doesn't appear to be modeled yet. I hope it's in the works. You can see it in operation in this vid
  15. Yes, this is definitely the wrong animation. It looks like they have it pivoting in the middle. The pedals actually travel fore and aft on rails.
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