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  1. A Eurofighter Typhoon of No II Sqn RAF on patrol in the skies above the Russo-Georgian border after a flare-up between the two nations.
  2. Cheers for the heads up about that. If I could use the code for the bomblets themselves, I would need to find a way to get the dispenser to stay on the hardpoint (plus changing the 3d mesh and textures) Cheers.:thumbup:
  3. Hiya folks, I'm having a go at making a cluster munition dispenser (JP233) to add to various aircraft. I've got a model and textures sorted, but have hit a brick wall with the .LUA side of things. IS there anyone here who could lend a hand/point me in the right direction? Ta, Frenchie.
  4. HMS Hermes underway to the South Atlantic with Harriers from 800NAS embarked. 41893026_467964367034750_572528383326420992_n by finn french, on Flickr
  5. I would vote for a good old British Sea King (Mk4 Junglie). Fits in well with Razbam's current map development as well. Or you could go slightly more up to date and do the Merlin (Mk3 Junglie... I may be slightly biased towards the aircraft of Commando Helicopter Force...).
  6. Hi All, Questions about the VSN Tornado. The cockpit camera position is outside the cockpit (really annoying). Loaded munitions are also attached too far back on the two rear pylons on the fuselage (6 and 4 I think). Any fixes for this, really want to hurl myself all over the PG map at low level (Cluster bombs on the GR4 mabye?) Ta.
  7. Thanks a lot for this! I will see where I can get with this. Time to dust off the phrasebook methinks...:book:
  8. Heya folks, I'm looking to make a collective controller for DCS (fed up of using my x-52 throttle), and wondered if anyone (Devs?) had the dimensions for the Gazelles collective (Base, lever and head - dimensioned drawings would be a godsend). Ta muchly!
  9. Great, cheers. Also (bit of a long shot), does anyone know if the speed that the wings pivot can be changed? They switch from one position to the other very quickly. Ta.
  10. Hi All, Does anyone know if the swing-wings on the Tornado GR4 and IDS are working in 2.5? I've had no joy with getting it working. Ta.
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