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  1. Ok. Had the F14 since June. On my HOTAS I have a POV hat for Back RWS, Down TWA, Forward PD SST and up to the vertical scan high mode. (forget name off top of my head). Never had an issue until this afternoon where I was engaging a F-4. Jester confirmed hostile, merged I hit ACM mode, and turned. Got the F4 just by top mirror and went vertical scan and Jester screams unable. Try again, unable. Few second later bogey on my nose I push forward for PD-SST and UNABLE. Try again, UNABLE. My wingman got the bandit and for the next 5 minutes I try to get anything other than RWS or TWA to wor
  2. As of today I cannot see it in day light. Can barely see warning lights. Even in afternoon heading into sun so should be as dark as can be cannot read it. Please fix. can see F18 perfect even when heading away from sun so is not a global issue it is this module. Play on PC screen not VR.
  3. Ok Ive seen all the vids but I cannot get my missiles to even track targets in TWS a after I fired. Ie missiles set to fire, TWS a shows target highlighted and blinking on radar. Im 40 MN out Has 1 next to symbol so should be priority 1. Fire 2 missiles 10 second apart. Missiles loft and just seem to keep on going. I do not loos trak or notch to break my lock. They do not seems to go pitiful and just keep on flying. Tried it in a few missions. Same results. What am I doing wrong? Ive gotten kills with just pitbull shots from 50 miles out. and same for STT locks. No kills from TW
  4. I figured out how to arm and use the pilot lock modes but at the moment I cannot his anything in TWS A and the AIM 54. I see the blinking signal on the TID see the priority number next to the contact. I fire missile lofts then...... passes right by target. Target does not even notch. Ive seen a dozen videos. Only way I can get a phoenix to hit is to STT lock. Any help on TWS A.
  5. Ok Im trying the F 14 but any mission with SC I cannot launch! What am I doing wrong. I hook up, do everything correct, crew kneels and...... and........ still waiting..... no launch.
  6. Mke, Thank you. i will try that. Also in the sidewinder training mission jester cant seem to direct me to the targets to get close. I usually need to f10 it an victor in until visual. Anyway to grt him to use the tws to get me close? Thanks.
  7. Ok I fly SP as I have very limited time want to Buy the F 14 but in the last trial period and now this I cannot get a target to lock for more than a few moments in a dogfight. Ive tried the SST command. No joy. Ive tried the pilot command high mode. (dont recall actual name but like vertical scan in Hornet) Nothing. What am I missing? Any help or jester command/ key bindings I need would be great.
  8. Ok. I am making a carrier mission in ME. ive placed the carrier but when Zoom in i only see the blue icon and not the ship so i can place any objects. Same then when placing any ground objects to bomb, or shoot at as well. I'm on latest Beta. I have re-loaded, started a new mission etc. Cant gt the SC to be seen to place anything on her. (cant see any ground objects for that matter, ie bridges, planes on airfield etc.) Ideas?
  9. On PG map have set a few AI routes to make feel alive. BUT I keep seeing AI enemy and allied planes drop to NOE flying when way points for both are wither 6K feet or 26K feet. Happens around middle of map where I placed Bullseye. There are a mix of sams near area but both fly in their coverage zone respectively Happened every mission. Will try to post the mission to see what I mean once I figure out how to do that!! :)
  10. Post says it all Am getting very tired of AI in ufo's or not responding to instructions in ME. New content is nice and all but if you cant use it as a core function is not working right kind of defeats the purpose of having more people join the game and community.
  11. Hi, I am trying to get ai planes to spawn on airfield and then take off at random times. I want them to be visible until take off/ activation.. I set up the flight, have them start from ramp, have uncontrolled ticked etc. My problem is when I try to select AI task, nothing shows up in the pull down menu. I have looked all over how to get anything and I am lost. utterly lost. A few posts down someone made a nice AI mission and it shows when a triggered plane enters an area a Mig 29 takes off. I downloaded it saw the commands but in my own mission I cannot replicate it. Any ste
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