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  1. Only if those options are built into the game. Given how old DCS is I can't see it working out that way but I was once wrong a few years ago so you never know.
  2. I buy Windows 10 pro on ebay. You get a key sent to you within a few minutes. It's about $5 and activates and works great with Microsoft. Done it for my past 3 systems with zero issues.
  3. What motherboard do you have? The CPU is very capable of overclocking. Download Intel's Extreme Tuning software and play with it there. Just bump it up to 4.0ghz and see how it handles it. The intel software has included stress testing to show you all you'll need to know. The motherboard is important to know because you want to put the fastest memory you can. If it can support DDR3 PC2400 that would be a good upgrade. After that speed it's only marginal increases in performance. But you definitely need to look around for a better graphics card. Basically think of it like thi
  4. You have any idea the cost of that? There’s plenty of audio out there floating around to clean up and use.
  5. It was a direct response to the person that started this thread about his question and overclocking his system. I didn't mention you, I didn't mention your graphics card, I didn't post anything about you because this isn't your thread now is it? So the real question, DUDE, is do you read?
  6. OPs Post Pretty sure I can read that he has an intel.
  7. use intel IXT software. I pumped my 7600k to 4.5ghz with no problems. Do a google search on your processor and "overclock settings" and you'll find what voltage people use. Then use IXT to set it there then click stress test. If you have a generic fan I wouldn't do it. I have a 280mm dual fan radiator and it never gets faster.
  8. Pretty much any USB 3.1 is fine. The PCI card will only use 2 of your 20 or 24 PCI-E lanes. These are chipset lanes and not the same as the GPU. You're fine to slap one in and the nvme.
  9. So the server doesn't need a GPU? there are online server farms you can rent and some have i7 systems and a lot of memory and they go pretty cheap if you don't need a big GPU
  10. I’m capped at 60 lol. I don’t want to waste power on things I’ll never notice
  11. I5-7600k, 32GB mem, gtx 1080ti currently at stock. I’m running on a 60”/60hz 4k tv at that resolution. What are the optimal settings you’ve found?
  12. Maybe, maybe not. I found it's the distance option in the settings. I'm still working out all the bugs in my system but bring the Pre-load radius down. Clicking "high" makes it 60,000 and that kept me from crashing and loading in about 60 seconds or so.
  13. Does anyone know how to actually reach him then? I signed up for the Russian forum but damn if that isn't a road block for this Texan
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