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  1. Every time you change AA setting, DCS app should be restarted. MSAA 4X can be pretty taxing.
  2. I don’t remember having any trouble with that game including drifting using any of my gear, and I have zero IT experiences (don’t see any correlation). These are standard Windows HID peripherals and should behave like any other joysticks or throttles.
  3. I had the exact same problem, went away after tightening up that screw and recalibration. On the other hand, one of my TMW throttles behaves just like that even with recal, you can try to fix this by adding a curve to axis input in DCS setting to make them match.
  4. Try this. 1. Tighten up the throttle decoupler hex screw (left side of throttle, clockwise rotation). 2. Calibrate with Winwing app, don’t split the throttles just keep them together during the process and calibrate each of the throttle axis while moving both throttles at the same time. 3. Loosen that screw from 1. based on your preference.
  5. Sharpening is basically an increase in contrast around the edge of area of interest. Hence, too much sharpening can increase aliasing artifacts (shimmering, pixelation, etc.). This is why using it together with an AA algorithm is important. I’d love to see TAA option for DCS as this can virtually eliminate shimmering issue.
  6. The ergonomic (Taurus) has never felt odd to me, but again I don't typically grab the whole grips when I play so I never notice this. When I play I barely operate the throttle with full gripping, I just touch the top part of the grips with my palm and push back and force gently--not a fan of high resistance on the throttle movement.
  7. Another option is multi focal contact lens if you don’t want to deal with glasses.
  8. Ergonomic-wise, it might not feel as good as the real throttle (no idea since I’ve never touched a real one) but to me; 1. The Taurus is still the best home device out there in terms of usability, flexibility and comfort (can’t comment on the Orion since I don’t own one yet). 2. Since the grip is detachable and splitted, this issue can be fixed by Winwing making a new rev2 grip the has the correct back angle. Or you can 3D print a plastic snap-on for the grip to change the ergonomics.
  9. So far I like sharpness intensity around 1.5 for my Index, and everything else at default values. It doesn't seem to affect CPU frametime, but GPU frametime will increase by 0.5-0.6ms which is very little. With this on, I can run my Index at SS 150% while getting sharper image than 220%, and this seems to help reduce CPU frametime by quite a bit meaning you won't get framedrop in CPU intensive missions. In F/A-18 Syria Freeflight, my CPU frametime is always in the green zone in fpsVR which is great. In F-16C Normandy freeflight which is typically a VR framerate killer (especiall
  10. No surprise here. Their Price/performance ratio is unmatched. They're also just about the only big player that is still actively investing in VR technology, while Valve is focusing more effort on brain interface, and Microsoft seems to be favoring AR rather than VR. Apple might become another big player but they're at least a year away. The next Oculus headset, whatever that's called, should set the bar even higher.
  11. OK I got to try it for a bit with my Valve Index, and it is indeed a game changer for DCS VR. The image fidelity has never looked so good, even at default settings. Far away buildings and trees remain sharp, not only that the color is much more vibrant and contrasty. And with the Index's unique lens, it's near edge to edge clarity with wide sweet spot of things that are in focus. This is the same type of benefits that can be seen in Reshade with flatscreen. I haven't seen significant performance degradation so far. I run Ultra visibility, medium shadows, MSSAx2, SS 220% with my setup, an
  12. https://github.com/fholger/reshade/releases/tag/openvr_alpha2 The instructions should be in the readme file.
  13. If you’re not sure what to do, just wait for the next release of Reshade which will fully support this. The current method is a bit of a hack, though I might give it a go this weekend.
  14. Excellent work. It’s been years since the Harrier was introduced yet I can’t believe the binding option remains poor compared to other early access products. This should’ve been fixed ages ago.
  15. I’ll have to check this out and see if it works with DCS. Heard that it is a game changer with a lot of VR games yielding sharp images negating the need for supersampling.
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