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  1. Thanks, I ll use the FARP then during the return flight and thanks Frederf this is exactly the level of detail I was looking for :thumbup:
  2. Hi there, I am planning a mission that will involve harrier taking off from carrier, landing in FARP, get refueled, armed and then proceed with a strike mission. Question is, for the first part of the mission, knowing the required weight for a VL on the FARP, my drag index, lowest altitude I can fly (based on flight path from carrier to FARP), how can I use the performance charts to identify how much fuel I should load? I know there are takeoff, climb and range charts, but they are based on the weight of the aircraft, which in my case is actually the variable -> I need to know the fuel I have to carry.. Any suggestions? Thanks
  3. Hi there, sorry for the silly question, but what 2°ND trim means and which instrument in the harrier cockpit shows you this trim? one of the two Trim Position Indicators? Thanks!
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