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  1. I have a lot of flight time 30+hrs with my own missions but still have a lot to learn. Thanks for the tip although I've been saving the Oil campaign until I finished Deployment and felt fully familiar with all the KA-50's systems. Looks like I had the right idea! :thumbup:
  2. A few things. You have a good spec but 2gb RAM is a little low with Vista although fine in XP. I would up it to 4gb if funds are available. This may not, of course, be why you are having a low frame rate issue. I would suggest checking for any services taking significant CPU time and remove any you don't need. If you have wingmen this, for me at least, has quite an impact on performance and I have a similar system spec QX9650, 8gb, Nvidia 280 Vista 64bit Ultimate etc.. To check that the problem isn't graphics related try dropping the resolution to say 1280x1024 with no AA and see if you get any dramatic FPS improvement. EDIT As EtherealN mentions the affinity trick makes a big difference. I can easily see it make the difference on my system when it kicks in after 30 seconds or so.
  3. !!!!!!!! :doh: I have only been playing the deployment campaign and am no further than maybe 5 missions in. I stand corrected and am VERY pleased to do so. :thumbup:
  4. If you are right then I stand corrected. I realise that wingman/tower and other speech is English but all of the campaign so far has been Russian speech.. I therefore would/had assumed that the bulk is subtitled. If you are correct with the majority not being subtitled then I would agree that the description "English version" is not misleading!
  5. LOL I did say where the majority is subtitled EtherealN. Totally accept that there would be no mention if there was a small amount of subtitling. I was merely stating that there is "SOME" argument that "English" version is slightly misleading.
  6. Actually it's a nice idea pbsmgm. I've often found myself peering round the cyclic! Maybe ED could implement a temporary removal? I'm not 100% certain but it might be possible to permanently remove it by removing associated textures.
  7. I can't comment about DVD's in Sweden but UK DVD's do say whether they have subtitles or not.. That said films at the cinema don't give you prior warning and overall I agree with the majority of the rest of your comments. I don't think you should take the odd bit of humour in a serious thread so seriously .. now that sounds rather odd! Whilst the picture is derogatory it is humour as you obviously recognise, not some racist insult.
  8. On a more serious note.... Have you asked ED if they are doing the subtitle to spoken word work themselves? There's a lot of work here!
  9. :megalol: I can't wait for the final result! .. Sukhumi is going to be a fun one isn't it, not to mention Krasnovostochniy, Kislovodsk-Zapadniy, Pomutok and many others ah well don't say I didn't warn you! :)
  10. T.Bone.. I would suspect time and money was at least a factor in this although judging by the responses maybe ED thought there target audience would rather not have spoken English! :)
  11. I can't help AT ALL with how to pronounce any of the words you've listed.. however if it is as difficult as P5138 mentions then I would suggest you ask a native Russian to record the words for you, that way you could use them at least as a reference.
  12. Personally I would prefer English with a Russian accent in the campaign and other areas. The subtitles are very hard for me to see in time at 2560x1600 resolution. However, I'm sure someone is already looking at modding English in anyway and for me this is not even remotely a game breaking issue. I do think that if Womble feels strongly enough that he wants his money back then his argument that the campaign isn't spoken in English is FAIRLY reasonable because ED (AFAIK) don't mention subtitled English for the English version. Whilst the argument that some films have subtitled speech (as Mbot mentions) they are mainly in English.. Films where the majority is subtitled would mention it on the DVD box to warn potential buyers who don't like subtitles. Overall.. well I think you are wrong to dismiss the best simulation of a helicopter that has been released to the general public.. ever.. because of the lack of English speech for the missions.. but each to their own.
  13. I don't have one of these cards myself but it doesn't sound ALL that hot: http://uk.gamespot.com/pages/forums/show_msgs.php?topic_id=26338322 It sounds like. 1. You have a problem with the PSU, the 4650 probably needs less power than the 9800GTX. I know your PSU is 730w which should be more than enough but if it's a cheaper PSU (or has a fault) it may not be able to sustain the power required. System shutdowns/trips are often related to brief power interruptions. 2. Faulty graphics card.
  14. No you would just run up modman and hit uninstall. To put it back run Modman again but this time hit install.
  15. The mods installer installs the mods. You can leave the mod or as many mods as you like in the Modman C:.....\ModMan\addons_dcs folder for as long as you want to leave them there. To install the mod just select it and hit the "install" button inside the Modman Installer. So.. basically download the mod, put it in the C:\...\ModMan\addons_dcs folder. To actually install the mod into Blackshark run Modman, select DCS series, press the Mods Installer button. You should then see all the mods you've downloaded shown. Select one or more and click the install button. Exit modman, run the game. EDIT: Actually you can run the game from the Modman front end itself although it won't do the affinity trick if you have Vista and multiple cores.
  16. Not inverted. I actually tried it inverted for awhile at the begining but found that the biting point on the X52 throttle coincided with the beeping from over stress so I swapped back. Totally agree that pushing forward is not as realistic as pulling back and if the biting point was the other way round I would go for pulling back. However, I think overly stressing about which way is far too anal.:smilewink:
  17. Clearly no-one seems to appreciate the "subtle" humour of my previous post :helpsmilie:.. Tumbleweeds... wind whistling....:Flush:
  18. Wags, was this 32bit Vista when it mapped Video RAM into user RAM space (fixed by MS update about 8/9 months ago)? Just curious... :) Vista 32 is a bloody awful OS! Vista 64 is fine.. IF you have plenty of RAM.
  19. I would like to think I fly the heli as realistically as possible given the fact that it is impossible to totally simulate real life. It's been made clear "by those in the know" that real KA-50 pilots rarely use FD. I've switched backwards and forwards between almost no FD and trimming a lot and lots of FD and trimming from time to time. I can see the merits of using trim but feel, overall, that with the lack of proper force feedback rudder pedals and joystick (where they are held at the set trim postion) makes both trimming the controls compounded with a trimmed bearing awkward especially when I have to get the joystick and rudder back to neutral postions within a very short period of time. This is just too much intrusion for combat use, jaunting round the airfield (which I do a lot) and circular strafing practice. I do, however, switch off FD when I'm following waypoints and the odd times when I use AutoHover. @mrtube Throttles: Set to auto position (about halfway) and leave alone after that (more or less) I *think* you are fighting the Auto Pilot bearing trim. If you don't use FD you need to trim direction + controls.
  20. Thanks for the response Sunjah :) I'll have a look.
  21. Pfft Viper.. I knew some purist would jump in with this! ;) It's only like holding down the trim button .. indefinitely :smilewink: TBH It completely changed my experience with the game when I just didn't understand trim correctly. Trim without FD really needs FFB to work correctly in the sim.. just imo of course :)
  22. Ulrich.. it isn't a major issue, for me at least, that ALT-TABBING kills the game if ships are in the mission.. it's more that it's odd that this is the case. Especially since, without ships, ALT-TABBING works 100%! :)
  23. So far no problems with Vista 64bit, I am running 8gb RAM
  24. I have the same problem too. Ships in mission, can't ALT-TAB back to game. Odd one :) Full screen btw.
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