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  1. Washer.. There's a possibility your problems might go away if you get a VGA cable. I would suggest nipping to a friendly PC shop and asking them if you can buy one for a modest sum (if the shop has been around awhile they should have loads which have been unwanted or left behind). Obviously it might make no difference so don't spend much! (You could probably get one on Ebay for next to nothing) Just a suggestion. :)
  2. About as easily as : Pros: Dynamic Campaign :music_whistling:
  3. Hmm. MP doesn't run the Launcher.exe it runs DCS.exe --net gui. It does look like the launcher.exe is using windows monitor information a little differently, causing you this issue (maybe!). Have you tried forcing launcher.exe to run at 640x480 (properties) and/or disable themes and/or run in XP mode.. etc.?
  4. The most likely reason you don't see anything major with FPS in windowed mode is that your graphics card becomes the bottleneck rather than the CPU. Full screen.. your graphics card doesn't have all the overhead with running the game in a Window.. bottleneck switches back to CPU.
  5. No problem with BS and 182.05 that I can see, possibly slightly smoother than 181.22. Nvidia 280.
  6. 90%. Against: No dynamic campaign (although existing campaign seems good) Dated graphics engine (although graphics are still damned good) AI lacking in some areas. Trees are decoration only. For: It's bloody brilliant. Massive potential Very few bugs in first release It's bloody brilliant! I have no real desire to fly the A-10 module but will buy it if for no other reason than to support the devs. Generally speaking I agree with Airway's and brewber19's comments.
  7. Bumping this thread because I would really like to have a response from someone who is actually certain of the correct answer! :helpsmilie:
  8. I am VERY unsure about how to check for that. I guess you could run process monitor (sysinternals). You could look at the files both processes load and hazard a guess but I doubt it would help a great deal. Obviously both processes (dcs & Launcher) make calls to directx (probably) to intialise the screen. It "looks" like the launcher somehow reads the returned data differently and doesn't work properly with Washer's setup. I suspect we need a dev to fix this one. @ Washer, workaround. Using Blue Peter techniques... Grab empty cereal boxes, paint in appropriate colour to match other TV, fit around Sony, masking as required to match newer telly, wait for g/f to go out, swap TVs. She'll never notice, if she does... simply deny, deny, deny. :thumbup: Edit.. Oh and mention that her hair looks very nice every time you suspect she's on to something. Works wonders with my missus anyway :)
  9. 181.22 Tbone.. no problems really. I've heard that the 182.05 beta drivers released Feb 10th are pretty good but haven't got round to trying them yet.
  10. I think! running at 1080i/30 means that you are refreshing the screen every 60th of a second with half the screen information and every 60th of a second with the other half.. So I suppose the true refresh rate is 30. The weird part is that the game 3D section works but the menu doesn't. I don't understand this because, for me, there is no change from one to the other. From what you say.. It sounds like the menu screen is trying to run at a full 60hz. The game itself seems to then switch modes to (probably) 30hz. The problem is is that the game itself doesn't have a setting for refresh rate and I would assume relies on Windows to supply the correct monitor information. I don't have an ATI card here so I can't check but is it possible for you to remove non-working modes in the CCC (such as 1080i 60hz)? Maybe the menu part of the game is getting bad info from windows...?
  11. Well I've just checked the menu vs the in game graphics on my screen and there is no change to refresh rate or resolution/mode at all. In fact the monitor didn't switch at all because the monitor menu didn't switch off (which it does if you switch refresh or resolution) as the game ran up from Windows to Menu and from Menu to game . So... your problem is really odd! Suggest rather than removing the menu background you temporarily increase the width (if you can) to widescreen 16:9 from 4:3. Doubt this will work but you never know :) Are you running the game at the same resolution/refresh as your desktop? If not, suggest you try that although I'm begining to run out of ideas!
  12. The most obvious thing I can think of is that the menu screen runs at the set resolution 1920x1080 but because the displayed image on the menu screen is 4:3 your TV is getting confused and tries to "fix" it. The only thing I can suggest here is looking through the TV's settings and see if there is a fixed aspect or a 1:1 pixel mapped mode (or something like that). Another option is run at your TV's native resolution.. 1366x768 running at 1080i doesn't actually give you any benefit over this. You would probably need to run through the VGA connector to get this to work. This resolution (AFAIK) isn't supported by HDMI. Another - try 1280x720p. You will lose a little quality tho.
  13. Yes seen something along those lines myself. Tsk tsk Glowing_Amraam :P
  14. @Ali Fish Personally I don't think it's a necessity to have a FFB stick, it would be NICE to have one and if there was a stick like the X52 or Thrustmaster Cougar with FFB then I would seriously consider buying it. Currently I find using the current trimming system in normal flight with FD for combat and general maneuvers acceptable... just not perfect. It would be really nice to hear from a dev about the true situation regarding the trimming. :smilewink:
  15. Added new mirror @ http://www.checksix-fr.com/, Thanks Phoenix! http://www.checksix-fr.com/bibliotheque/index.php?Fichier=5740
  16. This suggests to me that the OP is correct, that when you move the stick the APs effectively turn off and only dampening (as in FD) is still in effect. Either Evilbol-1 and AlphaOneSix are right... or they were "mistaken" :) I have only limited experience flying a fixed wing and therefore don't pretend to know!
  17. I think you are right eric. I spent some time flying the sim today and thinking about your suggestion. Assuming Alphaonesix is correct then the way the AP currently fights the input from the joystick is wrong. As you originally state the AP should switch off whilst the joystick is moved away from dead center/deadzone and only switch back on when it sees the joystick hit center/deadzone again. The damping, imo, should be present as in FD. Personally I would also like to have the ability to trim the bearing separate to the cyclic position (optional for non FFB users). Combined with the AP releasing on stick movement you wouldn't really need FD at all. However! Assuming all this were done... what use would FD actually be?... and therefore this makes me question whether the real KA-50 actually does work in this way at all!
  18. Im pretty sure that you don't SEE the effect with other players in MP too.
  19. @Moose Question for you! I haven't yet looked properly at doing skins although I have looked briefly. I had a problem after installing the DCS Xmas skin and then VikVaughan's Fractal camo on top. Basically the fractal skin was fine until I crashed. As an example: a damaged tail section would have the xmas skin on it rather than the fractal texture. Is this issue a peculiarity of the xmas skin or does this apply to all skins? When I finally removed the xmas skin properly but still using the fractal camo a crashed tail section would be missing the texture altogether (invisible) .. So it makes me wonder if all current skins need more config entries to display on crashed sections..?
  20. From my point of view the ideal would be the ability to trim bearing and cyclic/rudder positions separately. The snag obviously is having two trim buttons. Overall though I don't find the current situation unbearable, trimming in normal flight without FD is more or less ok. At the previous poster.. Slightly puzzled, unless you are using FFB joystick... why is the rudder any different to the joystick?
  21. Agree with the previous two posts. The faster you fly the more left stick you need to apply, generally I trim this in so that I don't keep having to hold the cyclic left. Because of the issue with the rotors the faster you fly the more the rotors on one side close up to the point where they collide. Be VERY careful of turning/banking right at high speeds.
  22. Whilst this does work it is extremely difficult to return the cyclic and rudder to centre whilst ensuring that the flight path is correct at the same time. @ericinexile. Initially this sounded like a good idea.. I use FD 90% of the time unless I'm on route somewhere. However the problem as mentioned above, for me at least, is that effectively two trims are combined in one. In what way, if any, does your method address this?
  23. :gun_sniper:Sunjah again! :P
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