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  1. Found out due to conflict with my Thrustmaster Cougar MFD's that NS430 Popup works in A10C II. Did numerous repairs to get my right MFD Cougar to work which I had assigned buttons to NS430 to use in MI-8. Finally moved NS430 to another Cougar MFD and Right MFD works ok now. In a test flight this morning I found that NS430 does indeed work in A10C II. Don't know if this is a bug or not but in NS430 settings A10C II is not listed as being able to use the NS430 Popup. It drove me nuts for a while, because my right MFD worked fine in A10C but not A10C II.
  2. Pre ordered and gifted a pre order to my son. Been watching the trailers and Wags videos.
  3. Thanks for reply Colo. changed my vertical resolution from 2130 to 2160 and map coordinates now work in both wpt and JDAM. Thanks
  4. Hello Colo, Been using AInstruments for a while and have just started trying to transfer coordinates from F10 Map to JDAM in FA/18C. When I long press on tablet it says " map coordinates wrong". I have cycled through all of the coordinate settings and they all say the same thing. Any guidance or help you can give me would be appreciated. Using 4096X2130 for DCS world main screen and a 1920X1080 screen for exported instruments. Thanks
  5. Like others I had a performance drop, deleted shaders, deleted options.lua and played around with settings on the options page and finally screwed something up enough that DCS would not start, just hourglass spinning. So I closed it with "task manager" and deleted options.lua and restarted it. Went through the options page and set everything "I think" to what I had in 2.5.5 . My frame rates were back to at least what they were in 2.5.5. I wonder if there is a file that gets saved in DCS when it shuts down normally that is the problem? Obviously when you close it down with task manager it can't
  6. My son and I have used it several times with me hosting. Sound quality is good. We usually lose connection in voice chat and still remain connected in multiplayer. Its back to Steam for chat then to finish the session. It seems to disconnect after an aircraft change most of the time. FWIW
  7. LG_Barons Thanks, was using spacedesk with an android phone but your solution is much better. Thanks
  8. If DCS recognizes the Mode switch you could use those as modifiers. Mine does but it may be due to the Blank.pr0 file I am using.
  9. I run the programming software with a blank profile that somebody came up with that enables the mode switch or pinkie switch to be recognized, can not remember which. But I never use the software to program any buttons. software version is - I just program the buttons in DCS World profiler. The driver version that I have is I can send you the blank profile for SST but once you put it in, the pc may crash requiring a reboot if you try to edit it. I have ran it for years. It starts when the pc boots and stays on that profile with no problems. As long as you don't try to
  10. I think zhukov might be right, another thing is usb 3 vs usb 2-- seems like I remember something about usb 3 and saitek not working correctly
  11. Still using X45 in both Release and OpenBeta here. Just flew today online with my son. Post your driver version and whatever programming software you are using and I will compare to what version I have.
  12. Thanks, Colo, that makes more sense than what I was doing. Great clarification!
  13. On the connection subject posted above, I found that if you enter the IP, s manually running as administrator it will sort of connect on the initial boot up of pc. Then restart the apps on tablets and run the pc program "not" in administrator mode that it will automatically discover the tablets in most cases. sometimes you have to close apps on tablets and on the pc and start over. Once it does connect it works well. It is temperamental on connecting! But after a reboot you have to start over! FWIW I hope I haven't confused anyone.
  14. Hello, Installed yesterday, running with 3 monitors and 2 tablets both Android 5. Works well. Took a test flight with AV8BNA and managed to slew TV and TPOD and use MFD buttons AOK. Thanks for all your hard work!
  15. Still using Saitek X45 here with a Logitech 3d Pro converted to rudder axis.
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