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  1. for long phoenix launches at high altitudes jester seems to be switching to RWS before missile goes active, making the missile trash
  2. datalink power switch, which is used to switch between link 4A and link4c can not be binded because its unavailable on keybindings. there are 2 key binds for "datalink mode up" and "datalink mode down" but these binds dont do anything
  3. I usually fly as rio and i noticed sometimes my missiles were not tracking even when they should ( shot at tws, and stuck with tws to not to terminate guidance) on multiplayer. and last time it happened , i realized i have msl cond and awg-9 cond warning lights, i checked the cooling switch and it was on, then i turned off the switch and turned it back on and warning lights were gone. we didnt shot a phoenix afterward to check if it tracks because after a while my game crashed, but i think that might be reason. and during that time, my pilot started up the plane with jester, and he started up
  4. its not how it correctly works in DCS. shots in TWS even way outside of active range only need radar support for lofting. if track is lost but radar mode is still in TWS ( so track hold is active) missile will still track as it knows what target is doing although it will cancel lofting. for example if you shoot a target at 40miles and turn cold, as long as you dont switch out of tws modes, missile will keep tracking target and manouver based on what target is doing. target can change heading, altitiude and even try to mask but phoenix will keep tracking it as it has radar support. only if you
  5. we noticed some issue with TWS auto where it doesnt track the manattacked bandit and prioritized others. i will try to bring up track files next time i notice it
  6. i tested it again chapparell and vulcan air defenses at 2.2km range. both HE and AP rounds seems to be not damaging them at all. EDIT: i did 2nd test at same range against m113, aav and tpz fuchs. AP was damaging it and HE was not. in 3rd test, i tested at 900m and finally AP was damaging vulcan and chapparel . does chaparrel actually supposed to have better armor than other APCs? ka50 30mm cannon damadge test.trk ka50 30mm cannon damadge test2.trk ka50 30mm cannon damadge test3.trk
  7. There are lots of people that will even pay 100 dollar for a full fid flanker or falcrum. There are Lots of dedicated flanler squads and flanker pilot that can be seen im satal. But the amount of eastern plane lovers are much higher since many people started using western planes because they are full fid and we have 0 modern russian or chinese full fid fighter. We prefer modern flanker or mig-29, but if thats not possible we will even buy and support full fid su-27s or mig-29s. J-11B, mig-27k, su-24m, mig-25 and su-22m4 are all lovely. If any developer goes for them it can earn tons of money.
  8. if you press ctrl+tab to open chat while using trim on keyboard, trim will get stuck and you wil crash soon
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