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  1. Might wanna rewrite the manual then
  2. I can't slew the pod in AUTO mode tracking or not tracking, unless there is a special combinations of hotas commands I'm not aware of, that's what I'm trying to determine on this thread
  3. I don't think so, this section of the manual is on ATFLIR tracking modes
  4. Yes but the manual reads "The ATFLIR enters this mode when the pod is slewed while in AUTO mode. Then just below it says the TDC cannot be moved in AUTO mode. So which one is it?
  5. I got some conflicting info onthe manual in regards to the auto (point track) mode, it references the INR AUTO mode which would in theory allow for slewing the ATFLIR and attemp the point track when done, very useful for quickly capturing another moving target But, just below that, it informos that you cannot slew the pod in AUTO mode, which is true, so My question is, how do I enter INR AUTO for slewing, since pressing on the TDC will enter the offset mode, or is this a manual error? Thanks
  6. I really wished for a official statement on this
  7. Well if the BRU-55 suports GBU-32, there is no reason why out lot 20 shouldn't have it
  8. Wonder why it's taking so long to be avalible, sounds like a relativelly simple feature to implement
  9. I know it's possible, been trying to get an answer on this for months...
  10. Any news from the devs on when we are getting the double GBU-32s?
  11. TEW and R1 are both the best campaings I ever flew fro DCS, specially R1, they are not beginner campaings tho, throught them you will need to make use of all sensors to put all kinds of weapons on target in quickly changing cenarios, I'd recommend you get a good grip on all the systems and delivery methods of weapons first so you can trully enjoy them
  12. It used to show the quantity anyways, not sure if feature or bug
  13. raelias


    That's what I would expect, I mean it's called "Transmit Designate", the name implies that I can hand-off targets to other jets
  14. raelias


    I'm courious if we could make a wingman's designated target our on by TDC depressing on it or something
  15. I think the all track files in the MSI is suppose to be shown equally on all systems
  16. Well it's not a bug more of a not yet avalible feature so... I at least didn't report it
  17. Sure, but not to go overboard (pun unintended) with deep systems rework of ships damage model, I'd be happy just to increase Harpoon damage to match every other anti-ship missile in the sim with similar warheads, should be easy to do and would keep people happy until ED has avalible resources to properly rework the whole thing
  18. Maybe they should rework every other anti-ship missile in the sim then, because the harpoon does about 1/3rd of the damage then any other missile like RB4 RB15
  19. The fact the the Harpoons have firecrackers for warheads also does not help
  20. Well it's a widespread issue that affects SAMS and some AI aircraft as well as ships, RWR spikes on a huuuuge area around the actual targets, Bignewy said 7 months ago he'd get an update on this from the team but we never got it, I'd really like to get that update
  21. Any news on that? It's hands down for me the most annoying bug in DCS atm, also affects friendly and enemy SAMs and ships
  22. I would assume so but let's wait to hear it from someone from ED
  23. I hope we get our hands in that soon, would make life much easier in complex scenarios
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