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  1. 淘宝那机翻手册质量惨不忍睹。。。。
  2. 两飞机发动机推力都不是一个等级的……
  3. 已经搬运了,实际利用脚本和编辑器的功能,大部分内容都已经可以实现,当然一些细节的东西估计还要等第三方开放的IADS才能实现。 根据我们笕桥自己内部搞的联机任务,增加了这些逻辑的SAM阵地的生存性和威胁性极大的得到了提高,当然我们也尝试着使用脚本来模拟拟真性的电子战和电子压制的,效果总体是不错的。 下面这个是我们曾经用过的一个任务,里面的防空阵地已经包括了一部分不算太复杂的逻辑性,触发器是中文写的可以看看。 另外,还有一个做法就是给敌对方增加可以控制的GCI,由他基于游戏战争迷雾的性质来控制判断一个防空阵地当前的状态。这个更容易做到。 海湾-空中通道.miz
  4. It is hoped that the map of the Persian Gulf will be expanded by dozens of kilometers to include Bushehr and the local airport. It's just a little bit less Let's meet this requirement
  5. Recently, ED is updating its version 2.7, and I'm glad to see the addition of SLAM-ER. I tested it, and the effect is very good, which can obviously improve your problem. Of course, there are still problems with submarine thermal imaging effect. After I have tested and found a suitable method, I will replace the M10 missile with SLAM-ER as soon as possible
  6. Yes, the actual RCS does not determine whether the radar can detect, but the distance of detection. At present, the judgment logic of the game mechanism is wrong. As a result, objects at the lower limit of RCS can not be detected and intercepted at all.
  7. This is a unique rendering problem in version 2.7, which we have already told Ed.
  8. The RCS of LD10 is the same as that of air-to-air missile (the body of SD10), so the current interception rules of ED missile are based on RCS.
  9. You can see the difference between the stable version and the OB version. MANPAD BUG.miz
  10. In 2.7 OB Latest version The second stage engine of All Manpads Missile (Include FIM92, Igla etc.) did not work, resulting in a short wake and a serious drop in range and storage speed. Now all Manpads missiles engines only work 1.9 seconds. This is not true. In the original data, the missile's second stage engine should have been running for more than six seconds. The current version has a very short wake of missiles. In the old version, the missile wake was normal.
  11. Chairman Mao said: Women can top half the sky. As the Chinese proverb holds: Men and women match, work is not tired. WE WANT to have the FEMALE PILOT & GUNNER option to activate the dubbing of FEMALE AI PILOT AND GUNNER shape model. Did the guys follow?
  12. F10 Radio menu : Skip Missions.
  13. Hi LordOrion, The scenario in the mission is a sudden occurrence, that is, the briefing cannot be prophetic and predicts what will happen in the future, Before the mission, players only know that it is a scrambled and transition mission. so it is described as "landing". We need to keep a certain amount of surprise and suspense in the middle of the task.
  14. We are making a teaching missions (campaign) based on the F18 progress of the campaign. We hope it can be completed as soon as possible, and we are looking forward to it.
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