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  1. This also works for the left and right MFD. Then we have to press SCS left or SCS right.
  2. Which type of diodes did you use?
  3. AG radar too. Ships on the AG radar appear in a range of about 40 miles.
  4. You must be in the air and the DISPENSER switch must be set to on, or bypass.
  5. Maybe each symbol on the SA page takes a few frames, so with too many symbols We have big drop FPS.
  6. I noticed that the problem is chaff/flar progress bar. I changed the lua file of the SA page and removed the progress bar. File: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fbgqlpnti19e5yq/DCS%20F18%20SA%20Chaff-Flare%20Progressbar%20mod.rar?dl=0 Before: After:
  7. It worked. I cleaned value in: Unfortunately, I did not save the deleted value.
  8. I have problem with app starting. Below is my log. I have PC with Win 10. After first installation and run, app worked correct. The problem started, when I tried set keyboard shortcuts. I tried bind key with two modifiers (Yes, I readed manual). When I clicked OK, application was crashed. From this moment i have this problem. Reinstallation doesn't help. What should I do? Sorry for my language :)
  9. TGP + JSOW and S-300 has no chance :) It's confirmed.
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