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  1. Yea, I was hoping for some good news on this as well...At least a hint....Of all the potential aircraft they could do next the Phantom is the only one I am interested in seeing...
  2. I like mine. I got it right when it first came out., I have had no problems with the quality. It still works the same as the day I first used it. The only thing I would change is that the DLC thumbwheel has a really tight spring and at least for me can be hard to use at times because of it and the weapons select switch can be difficult at times but that is mainly because I am cursed with small hands but I have the grip front offset facing a little to the left and that corrects that problem.
  3. I had watched some of the WW2 training films on the P-47 and I know they mentioned some of that. I have found it is easy to recover from the spins. I have not tried reducing the throttle when going into a left turn but I will give that a try. It actually makes sense and I did not think about that as I was more fixated on the target I was after...
  4. Yea, I have been playing around with them to see what works best. I had tried them at 20 for pitch and roll but it seemed real sluggish with it there. I dialed it back to 12 and currently have moved them up to 15. I may move them up just a little more and see how that works...
  5. Yea, You are correct about that. It is going to take me some time to get a feel for turning in it to not want to pull to much. As in a previous quote about TrackIR which is what I am using when turning to the left I more often than not pull to hard and the nose pulls up without me realizing it and it goes into a bad spin even though I have not gone under 150MPH. I do not have the same issue turning to the right. I am just going to have to practice much more on my left turns in it . I would imagine it would be easier in VR as the situational awareness would be better.
  6. So, I have been flying the P-47 for about a week now and started trying to dog fight in it for the last couple of days. I am finding it wants to go into uncontrollable spins very easily in turns. Been trying to adjust the curves on my stick to make it a little harder to over pull and put me in spins but have not yet found the best setting. I find it a easy aircraft to just fly around in and do basic stuff but in dog fighting it is very challenging to get the hang of more than any of the other WW2 aircraft in DCS that I have flown....
  7. I am experiencing a lot of green flickering as well as heavy stuttering from time to time... I have no other problems with any of the other maps so I know it has to be some issue with this one....
  8. Exhaust effects especially on start up would be great...
  9. I am still getting the "Hornet Ball" call with the F-14A after the Latest Update with the SC. I know the Update notes said it was fixed but at least for me I am still getting the same issue. I was flying the F-14A Case 1 instant action mission with the Syria Map.
  10. I am having the same issues....I believe it is seeing the F14 as the Hornet. Every time I call "Tomcat Ball" I am getting the reply back Hornet Ball"
  11. It looks odd in Non-VR too. Its cool don't get me wrong but the effect is not blending well and that stands out a lot. I think if it was just a little more subdued it would help. At least that is the way my eyes are seeing it.
  12. I suppose thats the reason they are dragging their feet on the F-4 Phantom II. I wish someone would do Century series aircraft. Any of them, but I see no developer that is going to be interested in doing that... I just want the Phantom at this point. We will be getting a F-8 and A-7 which will be cool but why the F-4 has been on the back burner for so long I do not understand as it is one of the most iconic fighters .....
  13. Normally I would have expended any AG ordnance I have left just to make landing easier. I had just decided to try it to see how difficult it may be and it did not disappoint in that aspect. I was more curious about it since I have seen plenty of vids of Hornets landing back on carriers with not all their AG stores expended. I had not been able to find anything officially what the actual Navy has to say about it outside of the weight issues and limitations already talked about. I like trying new things and trying to figure it out and what the real world situations are and compare...Plus the di
  14. I am going to do some landings and experiment to see. I might be over trimming . I was stable above 250 Knots but once I dropped the gear and got below 200 knots the aircraft became hard to control and keep steady. The drag effects were really heavy. Which I notice when ever you fire or drop any ordnance from the aircraft there are heavy drag effects but it is really bad at landing speeds.
  15. Something I have not seen mentioned or at least I could not find a mention of it. What is the actual procedure for a carrier landing with expended bombs. If you have a load on one wing heavier than the other do you jettison the bombs or try and compensate for it? I am sure I have seen actual footage of Hornets returning to the carrier with bombs still on board but I have found it very difficult to land if one wing is weighed down with a load at landing speeds. the drag is very heavy as you would expect.
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