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  1. I'm using 2.5. I may try to edit it and finish the mission to satisfy the completionist aspect of my personality :joystick: but I just skipped past it and went on and did the rest of the training missions. Thanks for the heads up about your videos. I'll check them out sometime because I still have a lot to learn. I flew a campaign mission for the first time last night and the information overload was real! I also had so much damn ordnance strapped to my plane I could barely get it off the ground. I could use some tips, especially on target acquisition because I couldn't tell the differ
  2. Yes, you should. Basically once the caret is inside the min and max range indicators you should be able to lock on and get a launch authorization. I'm pretty sure it's a bug because once I changed the time setting in the mission editor, it worked fine.
  3. Damn, I guess it's good to know it's not just me but not good to know I'm going to have to play with the mission editor. That's a bit over my head at this point I think. edit: I decided to try to edit the mission like discwalker said but I just changed the time of day to 11:45am from 9:45am and made no other changes and I was able to lock and fire the missile successfully. I'm not sure what range I got the LA at but it was well beyond minimum and it scored a direct hit. I then circled around and dropped the bomb no problem as well. Thanks discwalker! That was really getting on my nerv
  4. Yes I did. I followed the mission instructions completely. I also used this video to double check that I was following the correct procedures:
  5. I'm new to this sim so maybe I'm doing something wrong but I don't think so. When I run through the TV guided weapons tutorial, I do everything it says to do but I can almost never get a launch authorization on the Kh29t missiles. I watched a Youtube video on how to use them just to be sure the tutorial didn't leave anything out and it didn't. I've moved the camera to all parts of the tank, made the target box bigger and smaller and I have still never succeeded in getting a launch authorization. I have managed to get it after going around to make a second or third pass but when that has
  6. Hi, I'm a veteran of many of the MMO flight sims like Aces High and WW2OL but brand new to DCS and I've been running through the Su-25t training missions to get my feet wet. I got to this Internal Cannon mission this evening and I've encountered a pretty game breaking bug. As I'm flying through the gates and the instructor says "Watch your altitude at this next gate. It's a low one", he isn't joking. The gate is too low to fly through as only like the top 1/8th of it is even visible and the top border of the gate is below the tree line. I gave it the old college try but after 3 wrecks,
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