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  1. What exactly do you mean by, "... behave as it should ..."? Should the realistic slew option be affecting the behavior of the EXP modes or shouldn't it? And if not, what is the reasoning behind it being implemented for the MAV and not the AG radar EXP trapezoid?
  2. Not sure if I am doing something wrong or missing something but I cannot get my wingman to respond to anything(formation changes or anything) and help with the attacking of the targets. Makes this mission much harder than it should be. Could someone else please try and see if you can get your wingman to respond to anything?
  3. There's some serious misinformation that will lead to negative training in some of these comments. Some people saying forget about trim and that navy pilots never flair. Both are incorrect. If you're having that much trouble landing you need to practice getting the jet dirty/configured for landing, which includes trimming the e-bracket with the velocity vector, which in the hornet should be easy because the fcs. Trim the vv to the center of the e-bracket and you really don't need to adjust it at all after that. Only as you fly around and burn fuel/lose weight will slight adjustments be needed.
  4. +1 thank you. I kept wanting to bump the old thread but this is better. There definitely needs to be a better explanation from ED on this. Even if it's just, "hey, we can't figure out how to properly code it for the AG radar EXP modes". Some transparency and a real explanation will be greatly appreciated.
  5. I am also using the gen 1 Virpil T50 and binding this up neatly is still a problem. This is would be much nicer if the realistic slew option applied here. Some sort of response from a dev besides the correct as is tag would still be greatly appreciated. What is the reasoning behind having the realistic slew option available for the MAV and not the EXP modes of the A/G radar?
  6. Under the user files for the new A10 there are a few missions, the only one I have tried so far is the SMERCH hunt one. Like 75% of the time it seems like the GBU54s are just not grabbing the laser and are sailing off into the distance way past the target. The launch cue seems suspect to me as well, like my launch zone is the same, within 3 miles, no matter what my altitude or speed is. It doesn't behave this way in the small missions I have newly made to test things out. It seems the only way I can get the GBUs to grab the laser is if I nose down and kinda CCIP towards the target for release.
  7. I noticed this big time in this mission that Sedlo updated for the A10II. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3312554/ It was so bad that I couldn't use WHOT or BHOT and had to use the regular CCTV(? cant recall what it's actually called) to find the few BTRs that were the targets. update: Deleting fxo and metashaders seems to have helped the issue. I'll update again if anything changes.
  8. I was doing this looking directly 90 degrees out to the side and the SPI point would be positioned fairly far behind where I intended it to go. I was setting it pretty close, about 10nm away, so I get that I was flying past it. But it still seemed like a pretty pronounced error compared to where I actually wanted to set the SPI. It seemed like maybe it was setting at the point where the initial button press was initiated and not when the threshold for long press was crossed to give it a more accurate position in relation to where it was intended to go. Not sure if this is how it's supposed to
  9. Shouldn't this be labeled as a bug and not CNR? The bug being that having the historical feature active, no matter the year, results in "A-10C II is not available in the mission editor"?
  10. I think you are getting the same thing I was getting. It is because of the historical list of units/era thing being enabled. No matter what year you set it to if that option is checked at the bottom of the editor, the little clock looking icon, the A10II will not show up in the list. Pretty sure this is a bug. Also, there is nothing for it for missions but it should have stuff under instant action and create fast mission. Just to help clear that up for you.
  11. There was a thread about this where it was marked correct as-is even though it's very similar to the way the maverick behaves and the reason the realistic slew option was added to the game. Was the previous thread deleted or am I just missing it somewhere? What was the final verdict? Are we stuck having to make strange round about bindings by adding a separate TDC depress if we are unlucky enough to not have a real slew? Am I low class because I use a 4 way hat with depress that can't properly depress and directional press at the same time? It would be really nice to get this working like the
  12. https://youtu.be/ZMmaFzbCqZE?t=1726 I was watching that and it mentions the F16 tracking and bombing moving targets with just the doppler radar, unless I misunderstand it. Is that something we will get eventually in the DCS Viper?
  13. Take off roll and full burner acceleration out to 350kts seemed far more sluggish than before to me too. Also noticed that the toe brakes won't keep you in place when running up to 90% rpm after the most recent patch.
  14. +1 to everyone else's sentiment. It should work like the mav. I don't think this should be marked correct as is unless the realistic tdc option is removed completely, which would suck.
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