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  1. Thanks Falconeer. Though it does seem strange to me that the VMS would not be programmed to differentiate between which types are being dispensed.
  2. When dispensing a CMS program containing only chaff, I still get a "CHAFF FLARE" announcement from the VMS. Is this correct behaviour or should the VMS only announce the type of countermeasure being dispensed? I noticed the same in Wags' HARM tutorial video, and thought it strange he'd be popping flares during an attack at that range.
  3. I have this issue too. I know the A-10 best, just as a function of owning it the longest. I want to embrace the F/A-18 for all it's multi-role carrier borne goodness, but for whatever reason it just doesn't click with me. It is an incredibly capable and effective A/C, but just leaves me a little cold. It's something I can't quite put my finger on, but I felt (and still do) genuine excitement about the Viper, but had to force myself to buy the Hornet. The Harrier is another one I really need to invest the time in, as it makes a good substitute for an RAF GR5/7 and therefore the only (moder
  4. And these are exactly the sort of operations I am wishing for with the new dynamic campaign engine. Missions with a bit of depth, missions which require planning. Not just turn up, bomb here, RTB.
  5. Just use a conventional setup. They don't reconfigure aircraft for left/right handed pilots. I fly aircraft with left throttle/right stick, right throttle/centre stick and right throttle/centre yoke IRL, and left throttle/right stick in DCS and right throttle/centre stick in X-plane. It's not that hard, you will adapt with a bit of practice.
  6. Exactly. You will have a large cross range and down range ambiguity, which varies by emitter type, atmospheric conditions, etc.
  7. It gives me something to do while waiting for the INS to align... But DTC capability would be nice one day.
  8. A sand box, but within the realms of realistic possibility. It's one thing pretending one theatre of operations is another, but another thing all together to expect that we can do anything. We can't even have APKWS rockets on the Viper because it is not accurate for the year modelled, but we should be able to operate REDFOR A/C on a USN carrier? Let's save that one for the modding community.
  9. By repeatedly saying the incorrect Radio Telephony (RT) phrases to a computer game, I may inadvertently find myself transmitting incorrect phraseology when flying in real life. This has happened to me before and was a bit embarrassing.
  10. I think that would be a great compromise. We still get to simulate nuclear attack profiles, and ED don't have to work out how to implement unit/building damage on such a massive scale.
  11. Welcome! I have a Rift S and use a similar (Xbox) controller when away from home. I have mapped the LMB/RMB/Mouse scroll to the controller. You will find them in the UI Layer section of the controls menu. Here is an example of my Viper map. It is surprising just how much you can map to a simple game controller and still be reasonably combat effective. Edit - You don't say which module(s) you are flying. Ironically I find the high-fidelity modules easier from a mapping point of view since they have full clickable cockpits. The FC3 modules re
  12. Personally, no. I don't want to pick up any bad RT habits from talking to a video game. The contextual menus work just fine.
  13. Almost as if the ship doesn't want to be sunk! Why do you think Navies spend $$$$$ on missile defence systems? As BC above says, you will need multiple A/C firing multiple ASMs (simultaneously, not sequentially) to stand a chance. As for inefficient, a harpoon costs about $1.5M, A Royal Navy Type 45 Destroyer costs around $1.3B, to build. That makes it a pretty efficient kill even if it takes dozens of Harpoons IMHO.
  14. I can live with the menu, but it would be nice to be able to launch the Mission Editor as a separate non-VR executable. That said, it's not exactly a huge job to unplug the headset when I want to mission build. What I really want is a standalone Mission Editor I can run at work when away from my DCS PC, but that is a whole other story...
  15. The question wasn't moot, the answer was clearly that for my application, there is no benefit of going down the Arduino route (or at least none that anyone has offered). If someone had said 'the Arduino allows you to do all these amazing things!' then perhaps it would be worth the effort, but since nobody has, then clearly it isn't, for my project at least. FWIW, I can do rotary encoders without any programming using my cheapo Amazon cards. Not tried pots, but at the moment I have no requirement for them.
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