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  1. They are available in the 'User Files' section, but only as individual files. I haven't tried writing them as a campaign yet.
  2. They were intended more as a distraction than a threat. After the attack it is unlikely the player would have enough fuel to engage the Flankers WVR. It was meant as a test of decision making, assessing fuel, and not getting dragged away from home. If you tried to chase them you'd end up with a long cold walk back.
  3. VR and XBox controller work well for me when I'm on the boat.
  4. It's not just about mass, drag index plays a part too.
  5. VR solves many of the issues. The addition of depth perception makes up for a lot of feel. I'm not convinced by your suggestion - I'm sure I can't distinguish six different notes playing at the same time and translate that into meaningful data on how the aircraft is performing at that particular moment. Maybe you can, but I'm no musician. I'll just stick with a glance at the HUD or gauges thanks. Also, there is a reason pilots are trained to rely on instruments and visual cues, rather than feel. Even in VFR conditions your sense of balance can be tricked - google Somatogravic illusion for an example.
  6. This seems like a great solution to me.
  7. But arguably less interesting, at least from a combat air power perspective. If you want to simulate a realistic peer or near peer conflict then the only way to do this is with older units and historical scenarios, as the documentation is simply not available to accurately model the latest airframes, systems and weapons.
  8. Just make DCS stickers, then you can brand all your own stuff.
  9. Yes, I wasn't trying to contradict you, I can read. I was just pointing out that if you incorrectly set the elevation in the editor, it is not as simple as changing the elevation to zero in the STPT page. The explanation clearly wasn't for your benefit, it was for the OP or anyone else who is struggling with the operation of the TGP.
  10. However, it is worth noting that this is not how it works on the STPT page of the DED. If you set elevation to 0ft then the TGP will (in 99% of cases) be tracking a point below the surface, and seem to be skimming over the ground (the effect is more pronounced in places like NTTR where ground level is well above sea level), whereas it is actually stabilised on MSL, rather than the ground elevation at that point.
  11. Related to this, but ATC clearances & 9-lines automatically copied into a kneeboard page, to simulate writing them down as received.
  12. I could name 50 regions on the planet I would rather see before Hawaii, especially given we already have a Pacific islands map. Very narrow appeal IMHO. But hey, this is a wishlist thread.
  13. Another thing I have found is that with some of the cheaper Microsoft XBox controller clones is that DCS does not recognise the 'Back' or 'Start' button pushes, which I use as modifiers, therefore massively reducing their usefulness.
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