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  1. Wait, iff is not just depress? I've been using it wrong all this time? Lol
  2. Make sure in the Mission Editor to specifically place a supercarrier. This means NOT to use the Stennis or Forrestal.
  3. The DCS logo... Yep the Apache is coming to DCS in January, many of us are quite excited. I think there is a thread in this forum on it.
  4. Ground targets behind picked up on SA perchance?
  5. on the dedicated server, we launch the local Web GUI with this path: "C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta Server\WebGui\index.html" It would be nice to be able to be able to pass the port number here, that way we can bookmark each dedicated server instance without needing to manually type the port each time. When you are managing several instances, it is just an unnecessary step to copy and paste the port from a text file each time to get the dashboard up thanks,
  6. Are your textures (not terrain textures, the other one) set to high in settings?
  7. yes I am noticing that as well. dx11backend crash when this mod is running. Pity.
  8. Sounds like you could have also moved your Saved Games folder to a custom location, assuming that's the path you are referring to which defaults under the c:/users/your_username folder structure. Simple find your Saved Games folder, right click Properties - Location and change the location there. Glad tho that you shared your findings with us!
  9. If you use Steam, you are forced to patch, whereas on standalone if a patch goes really badly, you have the option of rolling back.
  10. Damn, I must have missed when that was implemented. Thank you, that will certainly be helpful
  11. I'm a noob when it comes to offsets. How would you set it up in the Bullseye example? Thanks!
  12. yeah i messed up I edited my post, its the Flap Lid and the Clam Shell. Oh that new Clam Shell does look nice, I didn't notice it the one time I watched that vid. Nice catch.
  13. After hitting it with a JDAM. The Clam Shell SR and Flap Lid TR have no destruction model, literally just a smudge on the ground The Big Bird is fine, so are the launchers
  14. Oh I totally missed that. It was truly 4 months ago? Was it mentioned in the patch notes?
  15. If you are referring to the way the guys run away, I saw that here too:
  16. Is anyone seeing a change in behaviour now, or is it a placebo? Haven't seen a fix announced, so I'm thinking it's the latter.
  17. it just happens. You log into a mission (we have it happen on our multiplayer servers, no particular mission), and on rare occasions folks suddenly have no mouse wheel/panning in-game. The mouse cursor still moves around for clicking buttons and stuff. We've had it happen to several, but not all folks who log into a mission, so it almost seems like it is triggered by something on the server side, but not for everyone. You also can't zoom the F10 map when this occurs. F2 and F6 views cannot be panned/zoomed. Mouselook in the cockpit does not work, but the mouse buttons still work. Rescanning Devices does not help. In the Control Options screen you can see the mouse is detected and bound properly.
  18. Yep, or reassign the keystroke to something else. I'm betting this is your issue.
  19. I dunno if realism will play a part in the decision here, considering you can repair a damaged aircraft in 3 minutes in the game.
  20. The more I see and hear about the Apache, the more I liken it to the Hornet, and I mean that in a good way (from the perspective of things I find desirable). Lots of glass (mfds), auto pilot systems to help with the flying so you can focus on other systems, approximately the same era.
  21. What does SA EXP on the SA page do? Expand (zoom) view?
  22. I understand that DCS comms haven't been implemented, so we can't talk to Mother or an airfield, but is the comms with ground crew fully implemented? Sometimes it seems to work quite reliably, in that we can reload/rearm, and request launch from the supercarrier. Sometimes in the exact same session, we can't get the menus to come up at all. Some of us use Vaicom/VoiceAttack and it detects that we are trying to communicate with the ground crew (via a confirmation beep), but it does not pop anything up. Using the \ and whatever other keybinds also does not always bring up the menu. I'd say it works about 10% of the time. Wondering if others have encountered this issue as well.
  23. I've also found the SA-8 on the Resky and Grisha also shoot then down
  24. Most likely your jet is rolling. Check your throttle and the parking brake.
  25. This appears to have started happening very recently, I have to say within the past 1 or 2 days, so it might be tied to the release of the stable build, even though we're running OB servers. the server log is not wrapping anymore. It used to wrap, which kept the right column relatively narrow. Now the left column is totally squished, as you can see in the screenshot. The resolution would be to allow the text in the log to wrap (e.g. the Recording flight data line highlighted). EDIT: this is using Chrome, looking at the remote server URL: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/personal/server/1111111/#/en/settings EDIT 2: when using Firefox while logged onto our local server (URL being file:///c:/program files...), the interface looks fine, it has not changed. When using Chrome, or Firefox or Edge hitting the remote server URL, it exhibits the issue I am describing.
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