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  1. If you have a pod equipped, going into an a2a mode defaults to showing the pod on the left DDI, and it being able to become sensor of interest, you can't bump into AZ/EL. I've always found that quite annoying, dunno if there is a workaround.
  2. You have hornet- and hornet_ inadvertently mixed in your naming convention, hence the unexpected sort order
  3. Hi Viper, thank you for your efforts to release such a professional product! I have two issues to report, I scanned this thread up to the beginning of the year, so apologies if these are already known and on a list of bugfixes. Date issue exporting to miz 1. change the date in CF Mission window to June 13, 2021 06:00:00 2. export to miz and observe the mission time, its Jan 1, 0001 (year 1) 3. back in CF observe the date in CF Mission window, its now changed to Jan 1, 1753 00:00:00 Carrier group heading does not correlate b
  4. This looks alot better than all white winter, very nice work!
  5. My realistic slew is definitely off, I've had it off since the feature existed. When I turned it on to test, the DESIGNATE freeze feature then worked.
  6. Hi team, I noticed with the new SLAM-ER, the behaviour of freezing the picture to slew via TDC to the target does not work as in Wag's video, IF you have realistic slew turned off in the Special settings. You don't get the DESIGNATE indicator at all, per the screenshot below from Wag's video:
  7. Do you guys still delete fxo and metashaders2 folders after each DCS patch?
  8. i get alot of these type of messages in the dcs.log, i assumed they are symptoms of why it takes so long to load in: 2021-05-19 00:03:20.520 ERROR DX11BACKEND: Can't find precompiled shader model/def_material.fx:BLEND_MODE=1;DECAL_UV=tc1;DIFFUSE_UV=tc0;DIRECTX11=true;METROUGH_MAP;NORMAL_SIZE=3;SPECULAR_UV=tc0;TEXCOORD0_SIZE=2;TEXCOORD1_SIZE=2;USE_DCS_DEFERRED=1;. 2021-05-19 00:03:20.520 INFO DX11BACKEND: Compile shader: model/def_material.fx:BLEND_MODE=1;DECAL_UV=tc1;DIFFUSE_UV=tc0;DIRECTX11=true;METROUGH_MAP;NORMAL_SIZE=3;SPECULAR_UV=tc0;TEXCOORD0_SIZE=2;TEXCOORD1_SIZE=2;USE_D
  9. i too run this version and get extremely long load times, much longer than I got in 2.5.6. I've been running Mustang's Caucasus terrain textures as well, but I don't think that's it, as the long load times affect other maps too. I thought that perhaps since 2.7 the habit of deleting fxo and metashaders2 folders after each patch was hurting me, so I don't do that anymore.
  10. Right, that's a fairly recent change, within the past 5 patches or so. You can have either/or, not both.
  11. Try the RECCE event hotas binding. That toggles the HMD on and off
  12. we have a trk file for ED to reference, showing our challenges with the carrier during a full op. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mytPiAUW911BzFbQWF4RkU_O8AcxhTX7/view?usp=sharing
  13. Further to this, I think that the flight that has a member taxi off their parking spot first, is the first flight authorized to hook up to the cats. The next member of a different flight to taxi will make their flight be #2 behind the first group. This was the evidence that we saw during a recent op: Spawn order ENFIELD_Aly UZI_Spang ENFIELD_CannMan ENFIELD_SpencyD UZI_Zyll - first flight to taxi ENFIELD_Analogy - second flight to taxi DODGE_Reflex DODGE_Tero DODGE_CrimzN ENFIELD_Spency fail hookup to cat4 ENFIELD_CannMan fail hookup to cat3 ENFIELD_Spency fail hookup to cat2 EN
  14. You are using sensor select right (assuming the radar is on the right DDI) to lock?
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