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  1. Hi my rift s has died so looking at getting the quest 2 can anyone confirm I can still use it DCS none steam version?
  2. Can't login, had to have my account changed over to gmail and still no log in, any one else got the same issue? And even worst is that all the modules bought I cant even play offline!!!!!!!!
  3. Hi all I have had both the pedals with toe brakes and the Huey collective some time now and happy to report they both work great. The collective took some getting use to at first and felt some what light to operate but once I dialled it in all was good. The pedals are also working fine and like the collective are of very good quality just needed some tightening of bolts once fitted to my rig. I'm very pleased with my purchase and Yogi has been a good communicator throughout.
  4. Predicted text the post should read. Yogi I want to buy what's in the picture you posted
  5. Yep To go looking to buy the pedals as picture sent you a pm
  6. Hi guys thanks for the input To go could you add the plate to my order just let me know the full cost when sending the bank details to pay. Also tried to order the rudder pedals but there was no delivery options so put a contact form in that reads. Hi guys, Want to purchase the helicopter anti torque pedals as in the pic of Yogis cockpit he sent me (beerfly) on DCS forum but it says no delivery options and I must contact you hence this message. Question I have is do you also do a lot to have them with toe brakes and if so how can I add them to my order. Kind Regards, Ste
  7. Well took my time to decide and have now ordered the Huey collective from Microhelis looking forward to paying up and receiving the controller. Anyone got a diagram if the floor mounted collective base so I can go shopping to get a plate made up please? Cheers, Beerfly
  8. Tried again only donating a penny this time me to stupid got this - internal error - server connection terminated, so still no SRS?
  9. Hey I just went to update donated and got 404 request forbidden?
  10. Razerback did you have any joy? I'm looking at the same unit and wanting to place an order soon as I sell my Next Level V3 motion platform.
  11. No tested intensely on Caucasus map and doesn't happen we now think its a map issue/bug
  12. Cheers thrustvector and I know it's bad typing on phones Im on a firepad thing to with fat fingers and predictive text it's a pain. I think I'm using a little to much collective as I was slower at gaining g the height to get over the trees last night but still had the wobble start but later in my flight. The wobble is mechanical as though there is a issue with the propshaft from gearbox to read rotar. Fragbum it's never happen before on any map thought if any it would have happened when we played king of Vegas it fell out the sky a lot there that is where we learnt to fly the Huey thus far.
  13. Thanks for answers guys, it's happening to both and my sister when we are playing a home brew map we have the huey setup as not at the beginning so haven't touch the throttle before I thought you don't have to, we just use collective and cyclic. We both get the wobble side to side around the same time we have no failures set up to happen so we must be stressing the gearbox somehow. I might need to read up more in the meantime I try to get some evidence to show you. Again thanks really appreciate your time
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