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  1. Thanks for sharing the picture! Fantastic! I transferred a few weeks prior to her decommissioning. Great to ship to be on for my first Navy assignment.
  2. This KNOX Class is fantastic! My first ship (1988-1991) was USS KNOX (FF 1052). First and Finest!
  3. Admiral - any idea when we can expect USS KNOX? Thank you so much for your work/efforts.....former Sailor - models are fantastic!
  4. jsr9597

    A-29 Super Tucano

    I've downloaded and installed the latest mod....but my AI aircraft don't takeoff or, when started in the air, proceed to a dive then crash. Any idea what could be wrong? Thx / Dave
  5. Thx for the note re the Tucano.  Meant I was having problems with the AI.  Any idea as to why?

  6. jsr9597

    A-29 Super Tucano

    I'm back to having problems with the mod. I've installed it to Saved Games\DCSOpenBeta\Mods\Aircraft but still have the same problem - aircraft don't take off (fly off the runway) or go in to a deep dive after mission start (when starting in the air). Can anyone help?
  7. jsr9597

    A-29 Super Tucano

    Disregard - fixed! And when I set up the a/c to start in mid-air....zooms to the ground and crashes.
  8. jsr9597

    A-29 Super Tucano

    Disregard - fixed! Set up an AI two ship for take-off....aircraft roll down the runway but don't take-off. Any help as to why?
  9. Hoping you can help me.

    I'm trying to create a F4E skin to reflect a squadron from Vietnam.  Looking for a camo F4 DDS file that I can edit...Im a novice so I figure that's the best way for me.  Simply want to insert the tail code and some other basic info.

    Any advice?

    My best - Dave

  10. OK...maybe I've been looking at my screen too long...absolutely confused. How do I write a script that allows me to have an aircraft depart an airbase, travel to a CAP Station, patrol, then return to base? I've been reading and reading...and have myself confused. I found the following but not sure how it applies. Can someone please help? Thanks - Dave --- -- Name: CAP-001 - Combat Air Patrol -- Author: FlightControl -- Date Created: 16 January 2017 -- -- # Situation: -- The Su-27 airplane will patrol in PatrolZone. -- It will not engage any enemy automatically. -- -- # Test cases: -- -- 1. Observe the Su-27 patrolling. -- local CapPlane = GROUP:FindByName( "Plane" ) local PatrolZone = ZONE:New( "Patrol Zone" ) AICapZone = AI_CAP_ZONE:New( PatrolZone, 500, 1000, 500, 600 ) AICapZone:SetControllable( CapPlane ) AICapZone:__Start( 1 ) -- They should statup, and start patrolling in the PatrolZone.
  11. FANTASTIC!!!!!!! Thanks for all your help! Really enjoy using this program! Many thanks, again - Dave
  12. Question about liveries. When I use this --> local b757skins={"AA", "BA", "C-32", "Delta", "DHL", "easyJet", "Swiss", "Thomson"}.......if I spawn five aircraft should each aircraft have a different livery when spawned? For me, all aircraft have the same livery and don't change.
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