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  1. It's somewhere in the options menu for single player. In multiplayer that might be disabled server side.
  2. Easiest way is to enable the marker for your own position in the F10 map. The Huey doesn't come with GPS or a navigation computer.
  3. Elor

    Huey bomb?

    Did I understand you correctly that you're not looking for explosives but a bucket that can be filled with water to do fire fighting? I don't think the DCS Huey comes with one.
  4. Danke, werde ich auch probieren. Falls es nicht funktioniert muss ich es halt noch mal runterladen. *Edit* Hat funktioniert. Läuft jetzt deutlich runder als von der HDD.
  5. Lässt sich das Spiel eigentlich einfach von einer HDD auf eine SSD rüber kopieren, oder muss man das ganze Ding deinstallieren, neu runter laden und dann wieder installieren?
  6. As far as I know no nose wheel has brakes on any plane. Just the main gear (but I might be wrong there...happened before....).
  7. It's also next to impossible now to brake with a button. I don't have pedals and use a joystick button for my wheel brakes. It used to work just fine but after some update it has become a skid fest which makes road base landings virtually impossible. Maybe I should play around with the dead zone a bit more as I haven't really done that yet and see what happens but as is I only land on normal bases and use the reverse thrust for all my high speed braking.
  8. To me the question would be if the real Viggen had that option. If yes then it should be added just for realism if no then that's what it is and there is no way to just drop single bombs.
  9. I believe he was talking about the IDS version only and not the ECR variant.
  10. Ok, it seems I stand corrected. Back in the day when I was in the army I was told that it would take about 100 rounds of 7,62mm on a 1 square meter area to breach the armor of an M113 (not sure anymore if they mentioned a maximum distance for that). Guess they weren't talking AP rounds then. Or maybe the guy was just talking out of his rear end (happened on occasion...). But I find it funny that vehicles designed to protect crew and personnel from small arms fire are still that vulnerable to it. :huh:
  11. Can you name me one real life APC that can be destroyed by 7,62x51mm ammo? Cause that's what the guns in the Huey are using and is exactly what an APC's armor is supposed to withstand.
  12. Elor

    Project Viggen

    Aboniert. Mal sehen was da kommt. :)
  13. I'm not so sure about that. I don't recall the exact numbers but I tried that on the 107th server a few months ago and the Viggen went quite a bit faster without the tank both in dry thrust and with afterburner.:music_whistling:
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