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  1. Hi SUNTSAG created a few great mods & liveries, including for Infantry, check out the one titled "WWII Asset Pack Liveries" Think that's what you are looking for https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/233670-suntsag-lockdown-modsliveries-collection-new-and-revised/?tab=comments#comment-234411 Cheers
  2. Great video done by Grim Reapers on the beauty of these mods. Epic battle at the end
  3. Thanks so much Patrick - been eagerly waiting for this pack. Really appreciated all the hard work that goes into this, and your generosity for sharing Cheers to Hawkeye & Markindel for supplying some models, they are the mainstay of the WWII mod add-ons
  4. Damn HawkEye - I can't keep up! Like a kid in a candy store Screw Easter - it's more like an extended Christmas, here. Thanks for all these great gifts - really appreciate all the effort you, Markindel, Crazy Eddie etc, put into bringing these to the community. Truly feels like a second golden age of WWII mods, since the days of version 1.56 As much as I am looking forward to 2.7 & especially the immersion of the new clouds - just hoping it doesn't break too many of the the Community Mods, that also bring so much immersion. Thanks very much again
  5. Hi Falke This method posted by CHSubZero in April 8, 2020, on this same thread, worked for me, when I had this issue
  6. Hi Ello - thanks very much buddy - that did the trick! If you're using Notepad++ its lines 290-341
  7. Very exciting Patrick, not just for BOB, but Pacific as well. Really looking forward to this. Appreciate all the work you & you team have & are doing
  8. Apologies, my bad! Got it to show up in the Encyclopedia and was admiring the beauty of the models without using in a mission. Confirm that does not load in mission editor.
  9. Hi Mr_sukebe Just need to do a small edit in the enty.LUA file to make the correct livery & model show up in game. Near the bottom remove the "--" in front of the line "--dofile(current_mod_path..'/DKM_Z39.lua')" and then save. Should make available in game.
  10. WOW! Thanks very much Hawkeye & the great Markinel
  11. Merci beaucoup Damien Thank you very much for sharing these with us - very much appreciated!
  12. Thanks so much Hawkeye for taking the time to fix with version 1.5. A quick test (on stable version) confirms she shows up (under Germany) shoots & takes damage. Many thanks for adding great Regia Marina models as well.
  13. I though it maybe the lesser known hybrid "Prince Hood V"?
  14. Hi Eduardo, thanks for confirming this - I have the same problem. Thought it may be a mod conflict (I have hundreds of mods loaded) & still might be? But if you or Hawkeye manage to confirm the issue or fix , would love to have this mod back. Fondly remember this with the HMS Hood as the first mods I used, back in the day
  15. Thanks so much Hawkeye, for everything you have done & are going to do
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