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  1. I'm assuming this is going to be an early to mid 2000s F-15E?
  2. Just curious but is there anyway to remove the dorsal hump on the back of the A-4?
  3. Still getting crashes in SP when I switch between different missions and aircraft. Happened twice when I was trying to fly a Mirage mission after flying the Hornet.
  4. Being slimmer, does the ATFLIR produce less drag than the Litening pod?
  5. Some electronic bits aside. Earlier F-14As used the P-412A version of the TF30 engines while the later models were equipped with the P-414A which was meant to fix some of the issues found in the TF30-equiped F-14.
  6. Placed the A-4 into the Mods/aircraft folder in my Saved Games folder. I had performed a cleanup and repair of DCS a few days ago. Not sure if that's playing a part in the mod not appearing at all. UPDATE: Nevermind. I got it working.
  7. So I removed the A-4E mod after trying to solve a crashing issue in DCS. After finally resolving the issues, I attempted to put the A-4 mod folders back into the Saved Games Mod folder where they were before but the A-4 does not appear anymore in game. Not sure what I might be doing wrong.
  8. Cleaned out the metashader2 and fxo folders. So far, I haven't experienced a single crash since.
  9. Just curious. Was the A-4E ever fitted with the improved P-408 version of the J52 engine with 11,200 pounds of thrust?
  10. Been getting my share of crashes. Seems to happen when I switch from on aircraft to another in single player and has happened multiple times when playing in an online server.
  11. Would second the idea of seeing a C-130H-3 or the MC-130H.
  12. As I understand, the F-4 that's in the pipeline is a post-Vietnam era F-4E which had some additional capabilities and improvements over the F-4B, C and D variants that would have faced off against the 17.
  13. There was a switch the RIO could flip that would enable the TF30s to produce greater thrust at high altitudes correct?
  14. I've thoroughly enjoyed the module. I will add that I still hope ED will also one day be able to build a module for the F/A-18E or F Super Hornet.
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