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  1. I agree of course even though I haven't experienced much or any of these strange PVP behaviours in the past 12 months of active playing. The thing is, when you are used to a certain type of behaviour with your plane and it suddenly changes so drastically it's quite unsettling. Specially when other planes don't suffer such changes. Suddenly your beloved bird cannot compete with others and it feels like planets must be aligned to get a proper lock on a bandit (the time spent managing the radar has increased dramatically to no avail most of the time). <exaggeration>Now the
  2. Same here, cannot fly the Hornet on PVP anymore. I'm a sitting duck fumbling with hotas trying to sort out the radar. I know the hornet may not be the best plane for Air-to-Air compared to say the F16, but I was able to perform pretty decently up until the last major update on OB. Now it's a complete different bird and I keep getting shot down by invisible planes on the radar (even though I try all the tricks in the book, 4b, 6b, 80°, 140°, target aging, TWS, RWS, antena elevation, you name it, screaming EWR but no contact on the radar and then, incoming sidewinder).
  3. Yup, precisely. Happened again yesterday on the stable version. Should I report this as a bug ? Should I provide a track ? I've tried messing with the feed switches (center on override and wings on off) but it didn't solve the problem.
  4. Yup, precisely, I jettison my center tank when it's empty but for some reason the way it drains on the second flight is different from the first, without changing any setting in the plane.
  5. Couldn't find any post related to this issue. I've noticed some strange behaviour when it comes to external tanks emptying. PvP Server on Stable version : - First take off with one centerline ext. tank. - Centerline is emptying first so I can jettison it and go about my mission with full internal fuel. - I land, refuel, new centerline tank. - Second take off and I noticed that centerline AND internal are emptying at the same time, hence making it impossible to jettison my centerline as it's never totally empty. Happened all the time after
  6. Ah okay, receiving other jammers signals, now I understand better. Thank's man.
  7. Thank's man, but, what is the point of only "receiving" ? What does it mean and do ?
  8. Can someone explain me the difference between REC and XMIT. When to use them and why ?
  9. Thank's man, so that's a feature not a bug. I would delete this topic if I could.
  10. As it turns out, it seems that's a feature due to jammers...
  11. Since last update radar behaviour seems a little bit odd. Here is the deal : - Multiplayer Server. - RWS + 4 Bars + 140° sweep + Radar range 80 Nm. - STT on a contact @ 30-40 Nm. - When STTing the radar range changes to 160Nm and the target is said to be 99+Nm from me (no launch cue). - After a few attempts (between 2 and 4) I manage to lock the same target but with correct range and infos into the HUD and finally a launching cue. Happened many times yesterday and today. Quite unusable on an MP server. When you finally manage to have correct pa
  12. Here is how I did it, the complete playlist :
  13. Thank you all for your answers. - The display resolution for my MFCD is 1024 (but no frame drop in the FA-18C with TGP + Mav displayed for example). - I'm not flying VR, only 2D. - My Rig is pretty descent but not high end. But my 1080 ti is doing fine with most of the planes/terrains (little bit harder on the Syria map though). - SSAA is already OFF but MSAA is x4 (do not want to turn it off only for the sake of A-10C II). I'm "glad" to see that am not the only one, probably gonna work it around like eaglecash867 suggested. I will try to post a video on YT to show the problem eve
  14. Hi all, I was pretty sure to find many posts on the issue before investigating but none to be found. When TGP and Mavericks are ON I experience quite a bad frame drop. Am I the only one ? Has this issue already been addressed ? Is there a way to fix this somehow ? Arnaud. PS : Running a 1080Ti
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