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  1. I found this at Ramat David AFB: Pretty cool that they included this!
  2. The one airbase in Turkey has TACAN, but not the Israeli Airbase in the south.
  3. I can confirm that Sparrows work for the Hornet but not the Tomcat.
  4. I'm not too interested in the aircraft in the newsletter today to be honest. But I am looking forward to next week's post. I want to see what if any new ships, ground units and maps we are going to be getting coming up plus any new features in the core game. That being said... I am looking forward to what happens AFTER the F-16 and F-18 get finished.
  5. So long as you know roughly where the target is you should be able to set the Ground level up in the plane so the plane can compensate for the difference in altitude.
  6. The CCIP marker and gun cross are way off target, like the ground altitude for the target isn't being factored in. I'm doing some tests around Kerman Airport in the PG map so the ground altitude is roughly ~5700 ft. Repeating the ground attack at sea level the CCIP markers for both guns and Rockets were dead on, so whatever I'm not setting the default ground altitude is pre set to 0.
  7. Makes sense because it's the same gun.
  8. It's a full guide. After looking all the aircraft have them.
  9. I see chuck's guide posted but I don't see anything else on the forums here or on the documentation page on the main ED website.
  10. So far, we troubleshooted the problem down to just the VPC-Airfield mod. All of the other mods work that he's installed but for whatever reason this is the only mod that DCS won't see as installed. Location is the same as mine and it is in the tech folder as 'main' Would their be any reason his copy of the VPC mod doesn't work when the install path and files are the same as mine and yet mine work?
  11. Kinda odd as those aircraft are / were really only found on a Carrier's deck, but I can wait.
  12. With the super carrier module I hope we get an updated S-3 Viking, SH-60, and Sea King 3D model. It'd be a shame to see the best Carrier module ever made and those old relics from the PS2 Era sitting on it's deck for too long. But am I the only one hyped for Deck equipment? That's going to be fun to play around with at land airfields as well.
  13. Also, came up with this: -Neutral / civilian coalition. -Add the option for Custom countries to be added to the list. -Add option to be able to set ammo amount for ground units.
  14. These may be repeats in this long thread, but: - New trigger for bomb / missile / weapon hit in zone. - Trigger to determine if any static objects built into the map, like bridges or buildings, are damaged or destroyed in a zone. -Options for AI Aircraft on ramps to do formation Takeoffs. -Triggers to adjust weather. - Freehand + polygon Trigger Zones -Freehand weather - Changeble weather.
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