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  1. I did not say 128 core CPU will launch this week. But the future will at least for a bit go into that direction. Actually SMP wont just work out of the box, even if my grandson will play DCS with Vulkan one day. Lots of work is required. I really Wonder, If such work hast alread started...
  2. https://www.tomshardware.com/news/amd-cto-mark-papermaster-more-cores-coming-in-the-era-of-a-slowed-moores-law
  3. Well, I dunno what your sources are. But from what I have found, the IPC will go up, the amount of cores will go up, the frequency will be at the same level or only very slightly go up. Anyways, lots of users have newer Intel or AMD CPUs with 8 threads or even way more. My point was and still is: It would be nice if SMP would get more attention - as soon as possible. 9900K, 3900X, even a 3600X would perform way better if SMP gets more attention. Currently I got the 9700K (8 cores at 5,3GHz - no multithreading) and DCS just don`t want to use all given cores - which is kinda sad :cry:
  4. More cores seems to be the hardware we`re about to get. You can expect the 4000 series CPU from AMD overtake Intel even in gaming next year. Guess what? They gonna raise the cores even more. At least thats what officials from AMD stated recently. Right now only a very few games really take adventage from SMP, but hey - it`s the (close) future, and I really hope a so demanding game like DCS will move to massive SMP usage asap. I would even help crowd-funding some dedicated developers for that topic ;)
  5. I just checked after about 1,5 years. Still same status. Aight, gonna check back in like early 2020 then :huh::huh:
  6. Oh this sounds great. I really hope this will fix the massive "desync" isses I`m having with my mate. It happens even in gigabit lan with 1ms latency ;/
  7. It would be great, if you could offer other donation ways then paypal. Neteller, Skrill, wire transfer, Credit card (w/o paypal). Just saying ;)
  8. Are we there yet? I guess it will be awesome. Since it took years to finish it? Is there any official announcement? The editor stuff is not like a proof to me ;/ kind regards, Nik p.s.: I hope it will be better then in the gazelle. There is tons of desync/stutter whatever, even if both are in gigabit LAN with 1ms latency.
  9. Thank you for that image. I guess I messed some buttons up. When I used the mouse to click exactly (mostly, since I`m using the version without HUD) the same switches, smoke from the pods worked. But the goal is, to use only center smoke (Weight reduction for aerobatics). When having only the center smoke, I can`t manage to turn it on.
  10. Tried that. But for testing I got 3 red smoke devices, so it should not matter?`
  11. Broken? Does not work for me. The pod smokes don`t work as the center smoke doesn`t. :cry: I used exactly your order of steps. I tried strg +w twice also. No matter what I try: No smoke. I want to use only center smoker - but for testing I picked pods and center to red. Thanks for any hint in advance, Nik
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