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  1. Guys, I am going to get a VR HMD soon, how do you see the Odyssey compare to the Rift? I am running DCS with 8600K+1080Ti
  2. I have just done a repair (check integrity) and this time I do not receive the "Blue on Blue" message. However, I still fail to qualify, there are a couple of strange things: - After killing Target 1, I move on to Target 1-2 but instead I killed Target 2 by mistake. Then FE tell me to contact Badger for next target. I was not aware that Target 1-2 is still alive Pinpoint did not say anything about that. (After watching Tacview, I see that Target 1-2 moved to very close to Pinpoint, which makes this attack almost impossible. - After destroyed Target 4, I got the "Abort" message from Badger! - FE tells me to contact Jaguar but there is no task from Jaguar - FE tells me that playtime is over and I fail after landing and shutdown. This time I record the video of the flight so you can have better idea what happened to me. And Tacview/DCS Track as usual https://drive.google.com/open?id=1AVq--yLggiLe-IYBWUOpm_iPtdluTS6G https://drive.google.com/open?id=129tiNJFJNH-JFHXbr-DAcKj9RZdmGRru
  3. The "Abort" message was announced right after I bombed Target 3 but I ignore it and proceed to Target 4. After I bombed Target 4, I get the confirmation ("Target Destroyed") + "No more tasking" + FE telling me to contact Jaguar. As soon as I call Jaguar, I get the call "Blue on Blue" and the FE announce that I failed the mission, and the sad music tune in.:( I am running DCS (steam version) with only Tacview, Reshade and Voice Attack as mods if they are considered so.
  4. I tried and it happened again Sabre-TLA, this time with the Target 4. Strange enough, some vehicle was destroyed by nobody, and the rest of the convoy were killed by the Red infantry (Target 4-6) who was dead 30 secs before. I attached the Tacview and DCS track below so you can check. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xOtM1pAY71u8v7jY-vp7jCHOPsjw7sQ- https://drive.google.com/open?id=1h3Is5kYEqiksF5FH8NPPtKS3DGoTNYl2 Another strange thing also happened with the first line of the red infantry (Target 3). I dropped the bomb, kill them all but Badger did not acknowledge, suddenly, he said "Abort-Abort-Abort" and then tell me to be ready for new request.
  5. Did you see the screenshot? There was no hit from my bomb to Badger, and Badger was hit 38 seconds from the Red infrantry. It does not make sense, does it? And if you watch my Tacview, the bomb was dropped even at the end of the line (which is further from Badger)
  6. It drove me nuts today. On the third target (infantry), I drop a bomb and hit a red soldier, 38 seconds later I get a call out "blue on blue" and failed the mission. Checking Tacview record, it shows that Badger was hit by the Red infantry, not me! How come this happen? This is the Tacview. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gfj0TlXHXZLdOx9fNsawglHG85n9c9bk
  7. @Sabre-TLA I am at the TAC13 and would like to report that the practice mission does not work. No instruction is provided like TAC11 and TAC12.
  8. I engage the first target (moving APC) in this mission and was shouted that I am in a no fire zone. I checked the briefing and there are 12 no fire zones. What is a good way to avoid these zones?
  9. Just for your information: I have completed the Basic and Advance Campaign and now playing the second mission of the Tactical Training. I would say that Maple flag has come a long way to improve the script and voice over quality of the campaign over time to make it more enjoyable. I hope they can come back and revise the previous campaign.
  10. Thank you all, I have tried to turn to the target and it works to track it.
  11. Wow, that explanation about laser masking function is interesting and useful info. Tks alot
  12. Thanks alot for your response. I will try again tomorrow your recommendation.
  13. - Yes use TMS up short to change between Area and Point, just an attempt to refresh it up, because Point track is not work at first - I don't know why but 99% of the time I got that INR even when I come directly to the target which is in the middle of empty field. I remember that i tried to come head on to the target but anyway i will try again tomorrow. Thank you for your response
  14. Suddenly I cannot track a target anymore with my TGP , I switched between point and area mode, zoom in and out but no hope. Could someone tell me what was wrong? I have tried to repair my installation (steam integrity check) and for a very brief moment, I can track that APC and never again. ${1}
  15. I finally passed it. What I did differently is to turn sharply whenever I hear the instruction, don't know if it made any different. Anyway, the campaign is not perfect. When I play the next mission (which is touch-down and take off), I receive the instruction to climb back to angle 7 after touch down and then suddenly the FE ask me to maintain pattern attitude (2500ft) and keep heading 120. It means that either I will hit the mountain or fail the test. I passed it after the third try anyway. What to say now. I am quite frustrated with these bugs. :doh:
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