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  1. Is there a way I can change the mission # or the flight # so that I can turn a friendly F-16 appearing green on my datalink to turn blue so it's easier to distinguish my flight from all the other friendlies on the link?
  2. Is the F-5 not used as a trainer in this programme as an alternate to the T-38 trainer? Will I have to pick up the C-101?
  3. Would it be possible to adjust where the HMD is displayed on my screen. I wonder if it would be possible to move it more to the middle top of my screen rather than the centre of my screen.
  4. Does not confirm it, also that phrase has been edited if you check the description (possible mistake). I reiterate the word in the title; 'confirmed' seeing as its seen for the first time on the DCS platform.
  5. I spotted this during Wags' stream today:
  6. Anyone know why it says MENU on the UFC instead of FM when I'm tuning the frequencies? https://prnt.sc/jv2nh2
  7. Currently on the HUD, airspeed is indicated on the left hand side - we all know where it is. My question is; is it possible to display current ground speed on the HUD as well? For instance, ground speed in the Apache can be indicated right under the airspeed according to a good friend of mine.
  8. Who ever is saying their updating - post a screenshot :music_whistling:
  9. :megalol::megalol::megalol::megalol::megalol::P:P:P
  10. God I can't imagine the hype once the F-16C is on the line next. :lol:
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