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  1. Yes thanks, with wake turbulencd turned off it works fine as usual, you got the point, problem solved
  2. As you just said the mission n.2 for me is too demanding for most of the PCs in VR, also in the more performance settings with less AI aircrafts. What is strange is that I don't have the same issue in the "blue nose bastards campaign" dogfighting with the P51 among the Germans and the bomber formation, the FPS is quite good. But here as I see the bombers incoming before fighting my FPS get lower to zero! Impossible to fly it in VR. No issues at all in mix n.1 and I enjoyed it so much. I7 8700K 32 GB 1080TI 11GB SSD Oculus Rift S Ciao
  3. Hi, I use it with Oculus Rift S with medium settings for VR, lowered the AI number of aircraft with the radio menù ... everthing is ok with a good fps untill we reach the bomber formation. At that point the mix is unplayable in VR! I have the Blue Bastards campaign for the P51 and I have no problem escorting the b17 formation, fps is fine .... but here I've to exit, no way to use it. I7 8700K, 32gb RAM, 1080TI 11gb SSD
  4. Certo... infatti trovo la cartella installata dentro openbeta 2.5 ...
  5. Grazie ho provato a togliere la cartella dell'A4 reinstallato il 339 ma ancora non lo vedo eppure il percorso è quello giusto utente\partite salvate\dcsopenbeta\mods\aircraft e l'A4 lo vedevo!
  6. Ciao a tutti... non capisco, ieri ho reinstallato il mod ma... non vedo il 339. Si installa regolarmente sulla 2.5 beta nella giusta directory dove ho anche messo lo Skyhawk. Vedo l'A4 in dcs ma non il 339! Prima lo vedevo... non capisco
  7. Thanks, solved! I didn't know that there were two COMM Switches.... :) Nice work BEPPE!
  8. well, I'm not using HOTAS but I click with the mouse on COMM2 button... every frequency is working well ATIS, Tower, etc... selecting the channel and space I got the right communications. Passing waypoint 2 and turning to the TGT it tells me to switch to CH9 on COMM2 and I did it ...then I go to the communications menù to contact the JTAC and I hear my voice but no answer by the JTAC on the ground.... what I'm doing wrong? I made the F-18 mission to employ the GPU's and JTAC with no issues... but here I can't have his reply....
  9. I don't know why but I wasn't able to contact JTAC on COMM2 CH9 as in the briefing.... no responce at all.
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