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  1. So are you saying if I use the Intel plugin that the problem will just go away?
  2. nvidia Is there a setting I should know about?
  3. OK so here is the problem I'm having. Previously I was able to get a graphic to show but when I turned the lights up all the panels glowed like the person showed above. Now every time I save a the tex01 file and use it in game it looks like this. Here is your file from your 401 SQN livery unaltered but exported from photoshop and then used in DCS. Also what happens when I use the ED file from the F18 cockpit textures and cut out the BUNO section without generating a new alpha channel. Then what happens when I cut out the section, add new text and graphics and a new alpha channel.
  4. OK I'm not able to fix this for some reason. I'm a photographer and skilled in photoshop and I've skinned just about every aircraft in the game but I cannot get the Alpha channel correct. Can you tell me how to do this like I'm stupid (because apparently I am! lol)? I've tried using a layer mask on the mip0 layer and then adding my art in that location, I've tried creating a whole new Alpha channel, I've tried using a tga instead... always various things are wrong.
  5. These are gorgeous. I was just downloading dozens of CF-18 photos to redo the dirt and grime on my personal skin. Can't wait to download yours and see what they look like in game.
  6. I am having the same problem. The background is completely transparent so I don't know how to fix this. I've tried looking at the channels and there is no information anywhere outside of the white paint. Is there some setting for export to DDS (using the Nvidia plugin) that I should know about?
  7. We have a mission where the ship instructs for a CASE I but the menu only shows CASE III options.... so when you get on the ship it tells you that you didn't use proper comms.
  8. We need someone else to post their results. I too find it extremely unlikely that the game would scale so poorly as to show zero improvement from a 1080Ti to a 3080. Many people have shared videos on YouTube showing their results at 4K with a 2080Ti and it surely is an improvement.
  9. Didn't think that was going to be a viable fix - because I didn't change that setting and it worked 12 hours before but it worked. I did pair a Bluetooth headset. I wonder if that caused it. It is the only thing I did with the computer between launches of DCS. Thanks for the help. Really appreciate it!
  10. I've manually checked for updates, game is up to date. I've restarted the computer. I've run a repair. Still no servers are showing in the server browser. Was working 12 hours before without issue... now it doesn't. Any ideas of what I can check or do?
  11. Please make sure VR is working fairly well before you release it.
  12. Here is what a friend sent me. Maybe it will help you. "So in order to update the scripts dir Press Left CONTROL ALT C Select Config TAB Select EXPORT copy and paste all those files that pop up int the Saved Games, DCS , Scripts dir restart VA
  13. Here is the solution that Viacom Pro gives in the FAQ https://www.vaicompro.com/faq.html
  14. Thanks will do later today. Will post what it is after I do it.
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