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  1. Came searching for this, BUT on further investigation it seems there's been a fairly significant change to the default.lua binding files. So if you are using any mods to add toggle switches etc, you will need to update your mod files.
  2. The F-15C Radar display is exported as "LEFT_MFCD" So if you have a multi-monitor setup you can follow any guide that gives instructions on how to export the MFCDs to a second monitor I made this one
  3. Are you using a multi-monitor setup? If so the autopilot indicator might not be on your main display, and possibly in an area of the resolution where you don't have a screen to show it. in the file DCS World\Mods\aircraft\Mi-8MTV2\Cockpit\Scripts\ControlsIndicator\Controlsindicator_page.lua line 276 autopilot_base.init_pos = {0,(1 - autopilot_height)} You can play with numbers to move the box around. mine is autopilot_base.init_pos = {-5.35,-(1 - 0.3*size)} --{0,(1 - autopilot_height)}
  4. If you're on the newest Beta, the time acceleration has been moved into the "UI Layer" controls section Are you on the latest Beta? I don't see these controls in my list. In your Saved Games\DCS\Config\Input\SA342\joystick Saved Games\DCS\Config\Input\SA342\keyboard folders are all the files in there xxxxxx.diff.lua? Or do you have some that are called default.lua? I know quite a while back they added all these pre-sets for commonly used joysticks, totally messed up my configs.
  5. Yours is not too bad to work-around. You have one line that should be bindable to the keyboard, and another line that should be bindable to joystick buttons. It's orange because there are duplicate entries for the same thing. I think it happens when the entries in the keyboard default.lua and joystick default.lua don't perfectly match. E.g. the P-51D canopy closing entry for the keyboard is {combos = {{key = 'C', reformers = {'LCtrl'}}}, pressed = device_commands.Button_2, cockpit_device_id = devices.CPT_MECH, value_pressed = -1.0, name = _('Canopy C
  6. SOLVED: Deleted the Settings.lua file from %%%/Saved Games/DCS/MissionEditor Never touched it, don't know what's gone wrong there, but nevermind, it works now. Thanks @G.J.S, sometimes I just need to know if it's just my game or everyone.
  7. Just in the editor, and the mission planner before mission start seems to have the same issue
  8. Am I the only one who does't have ANY airfield textures on any map any more since last update? Ran a repair, turned all mods off, still the same
  9. Not sure if this is solely a multi-monitor bug. I fly in a server where we use Visual Recon quite a bit. Some players say they have this problem, some don't. VR users seem not to have the problem, some 2D players do, and some don't. Leading me to expect that this is multi-monitor setup related. I made sure to remove all mods, and ran a repair, before confirming that the cursor was still showing here for me. As per the title, The visual recon cursor no longer in the middle of the screen, it is now in the upper left quarter, and is very small.
  10. Why would you want that removed If you don't want one in the water, simply don't put one there.
  11. In free camera view, when pressing "Numpad Del" for the padlock view to an aircraft, there's some kind of boundary that moves the camera out of the way if the aircraft gets too close. Anybody know how to remove it, perhaps like the terrain boundary trick?
  12. I made a recreation of Breitling Fighters flying LOW down a canal, no music, just the sound of raw powerrrrrrrrrrrr. All sounds recorded in game. The original
  13. In this screen shot the M2A2 is moving along the pathway to it's left. I think one of the problems might be that the end of the pathway is very far ahead of the unit itself. So it ends up trying to hit the end of the path, which makes it go off road. The units also stop before reaching the destination point because the path line has already made it there.
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