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  1. Seems like an odd resolution for your main view. I can't figure out what screens you are running from this only. Try here
  2. 1. I could and will try that sure, but I didn't have any sound related files in my DCS saved games folder. 2. Replacing the sound files in the core game folder is no longer supported, that is true. But you CAN now put those files into your saved games folder instead and they do work. Hence the sound mod video above, I recorded it yesterday on the current open beta build.
  3. I've set my civ traffic to off, and the train still doesn't appear for me, just the steam stack as described by the OP.
  4. Thanks for checking. I Disabled all mods Re-installed the Spitfire, Deleted the entire sound folder from DCS, Ran a repair and file check using the updater utility Still have that buzz. Never-mind, I've found you can still use sound mods, but they go in your Saved Games folder now. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3081615/
  5. In external view with the aircraft flying towards you, there's this awful high pitch buzz/whine. I'm sure it wasn't there before and the Spitfire was/is one of the best sounding aircraft in DCS, especially for fly-bys. Saying that, I did used to use a sound mod which no longer works. Compare the Spitfire with the P51, pretty much the same engine I believe.
  6. Well shucks, looks like I wasted quite a bit of time writing that guide up lol. edit, having tried it quickly I don't think you can choose which side of the axis you want to use when setting a 50% deadzone. That might not be an issue, if it is, I still think UCR can come in handy.
  7. The mouse does stop controlling the external view when the communication menu is open, just a thought.
  8. 3. Create a profile Give your profile a name, and check the box of the controller you want to use as your input, your gamepad. And select vJoy Stick 1 for the output. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. Create your split axis You might need a bit of deadzone. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. You can not do that with DCS, but you could try Universal Controller Remapper, or UCR for short. You also need the driver program called vJoy. vJoy makes a virtual joystick on your PC. UCR then takes an input from an actual joystick or gamepad, modifies it, and then it is output through the virtual joystick. I have seen your other post and I think you have a gamepad, that you want a full axis range, but only going from the middle to the top of travel on one of the "mushrooms" or stick. With UCR you could SPLIT the axis into two.
  10. So I've created a little SP mission with various targets, jtac, carrier, blah blah. So I can jump into this mission and practise weapons etc. I have set up one of every aircraft I own, and they are all set to client. When the mission starts i can select any aircraft and take flight, and that works great. However, if I take any of the aircraft and then crash and burn, I have to choose a different aircraft before then I can spawn a new plane. Eg, choose and fly F18 Die Press Esc, select slot, Choose f18, puts me back in the dead plane, Cho
  11. Is possible to make a digital gauge from an analogue or rolling barrel type gauge? For example, the A10C total fuel indicator is a rolling barrel gauge, I'd like to make either a standalone barrel counter. to output the total fuel or or a simple digital display would do, but I can't get it to output. I guess that's because it's 0-100% for a barrel. Basically I have this tiny space under my cougar MFDs that I would like to put fuel qty in, this is my F18 profile. Also anyone know how to invert a lamp in an instrument? The
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