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  1. Workaround no longer works on 2.7. Unchecking Force Feedback in settings turns the MS Sidewinder into a limp stick with no centering. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Workaround is turning off Force Feedback in the settings.
  3. FFB is still messed up in the F-16C. The centering force is very weak in roll. Please have the centering force equal between pitch and roll so FFB sticks act like a standard joystick with springs. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I am seeing this exact issue. The centering force on the roll axis (X) is about half the centering force on the pitch axis (Y). It’s not present on other aircraft so it is definitely an F-16C bug. also, I can’t turn Force Feedback off in settings. I’d expect it should just have the centering motors act like basic springs, but instead the motors turn off completely and I get a loose stick.
  5. I'm trying to rewatch a track file of me and my buddy dogfighting on a multiplayer server instance and my F-5E is missing from the track. Replaying just show his F-14 shooting at nothing.
  6. Reverb and MFD in F-16 Same issue. I'm using an HP Reverb. The words for the MFD buttons are bright and readable but the contacts and artificial horizon are super dim. I can't use the targeting pod either - way too dim. All I see is the reflection.
  7. I was flying the Hornet last night with NVGs and then you hover over a button the pop up context text block will appear bright white and blow out you vision. Is it possible to have these appear readable in NVGs?
  8. If I sparkle a target with the TGP MARK laser with NVGs on I can see the laser passing through the wing, when it should be obscured.
  9. I've noticed that when switch out of AG mode the LTD/R switch goes to from ARM to SAFE. This happened when going to AA (via the ACM mode on the HOTAS) and when switch MASTER ARM off. Should that switch have any automation? Is this expected behavior?
  10. It also sucks if you are an occupying force a decade later and you set up an OP and realize their these weird little plastic baseball sized objects laying around everywhere. Then you realize you are surrounded by unexploded cluster bombs. And no, they don't automatically detonate after a delay. So you pack up your shit and lightly tread from the area.
  11. same Yeah, I've experienced this. Occurs at 16m58s in the following youtube link. https://youtu.be/cxn1vxQyN5Y?t=16m58s Also have an issue where the second player can't spawn in. Had to add a third plane to the mission.
  12. I'd wait until after IFF is introduced. A lot of new pilots that aren't intending to shoot down friendlies but are simply learning the systems and mistaking others for bandits. Plus the Hornet's radar will sometimes shift lock to a nearby aircraft without you realizing it. NCTR and IFF should solve this.
  13. In OP's video he has the target at close range from 1:37 to 1:44 and it doesn't lock up. I tend to have this same issue in turnfights.
  14. bombs selection on left DDI Had this same issue with Mk 82s. A/G and Master Arm on and couldn't select the bombs under STORES on the left DDI. Cycled MA off and AA and did something and was able to select Mk 82s and program my quantity and interval on the UFC. It's seems it's a pretty intermittent issue. I think you should post it under Bug Reports if you haven't already.
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