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  1. Hey guys how about we directly answer the question, disable your feed from the ext wing tanks, wait for the center-line to empty, jettison it and then enable the wing tanks again. These checklist elitists might bicker about it not being procedure, because drop tanks cost money. But you know what the nice thing about the playing a flight simulator video game is, you don't have to pay the bill to replace a virtual fuel tank... Why people let the way they want to play the game get in the way of answering a technical question, I do not know. I haven't managed to find a drag index for the ho
  2. Nineline, care to comment on the relative back burner the radar has seemingly be put on? There has not been a single addition to it except the "IFF" since release, unless you count "We finally made it work, mostly, sometimes" as a feature. I know that's a bit hyperbolic and I don't except you'd actually admit it if it had been but things have been pretty full speed ahead on things like JHMCS which was said to be coming much much later into the cycle, seem to be jumping the queue over base-level functionality for the primary A2A system. It'd be nice to know if we were going to see some
  3. (No sorry I don't know who that is) Just to further build upon what I said earlier, as Trev mentions above, the lack of NCTR is painful, but I can live without it though... I mean the flanker doesn't have it, and the F15 essentially doesn't have it in 50% of cases these days because basically anything released after the huey doesn't actually have a NCTR profile, because apparently the F15, F5, F18, Mirage and Harrier exist in a separate timeline to the F15C, and therefore the F15 gets confused and is unable to identify any of its NATO allies aircraft or that of its own country and manufactu
  4. I mean the radar still, in multiplayer likes to have a freak out and not decide if the target is flying at you, away from you, or is going orbital at escape velocity... Locks still frequently get stuck in these loops and fail, or don't and just spaz out until you manually drop it and try again. The obviously WIP and placeholder IFF is also still incapable of of deciding if a target is friend or foe, flicking back and forth, sometimes rapidly other times after long delays, which always nice when the aim7 that is about 2 seconds down range, is suddenly heading at a friendly which was showi
  5. Hey, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are not incapable of putting together an well reasoned argument, and your just are having trouble understanding and translating English. Let me try help. "The only factual data provided is the NATOPS manual, that tells you how to do proper startup and how to take off." The only dactual data provided is the NATOPS manual eh.... So.. so we know HOW your meant to do a proper take-off, but doesn't that manual say "Caution; Taking off with the poorly named AUTO-Flaps will endanger your aircraft and challenge your ability to maintain
  6. At what point can we perhaps instead of trying to prove or disprove the behavior based off if it is or is not in a startup checklist as being procedure, and just ask a simple question. Does this seem like intended behavior from such a late model hornets FCS? Forget if its procedure, would this potentially dangerous behavior, requiring the pilot to take his hands off the hands to correct, be intended in a real plane. If this is intended realistic behavior, I could almost guarantee it'd be documented and ample cautions would be stated somewhere in your hallowed manual. Seriously, the fa
  7. I did say effectively, what your suggesting would limit is exclusively to hard-coded static targets, that doesn't really allow for much flexibility, doesn't allow it be used to full effect.
  8. What is the point of this poll, when half of these things depend another option on the list? You can't complete the datalink without completing the A/A Radar and the Tpod. Sure you can datalink friendly positions but your still not anywhere near complete without those being done first, so contacts from those sensors can actually be passed along, and be used to slew your own sensors to them from datalink info. Your not going to be able to effectively using guided bombs, slammers, harpoons without completing the Tpod, the datalink also not being complete isn't ideal either. The path to co
  9. So, I don't use any of the anti-viruses Bignewy mentioned, and I had actually disabled what do I do have as part of my trouble shooting, I also temporarily disabled both my windows firewall, and my routers firewall as well. Issue persisted, some days it'd just refuse to connect or show up in the browser, I eventually worked out that the VPN workaround that has worked for me in the past, actually does work, its just really temperamental, one day one location will work, another it won't, but once I pick the right VPN server, bam, I can see and connect to my target DCS server. This issue is
  10. I'm experiencing this issue every couple of days, where what I believe is after crashing/disconnecting, I simply cannot rejoin that server again. It does not show up in the browser, you cannot manually connect either, it just says 'server offline' This lasts for a couple days before apparently magically fixing itself for a day or so, before doing so again. This issue persists in-between my local computer restarts, mission changes on the server (Unknown how often the server provider/s are restarting their physical machine or game processes?) I've repaired DCS, ensured I am running th
  11. Delete your shader folders, your using shaders compiled for different hardware, which can cause performance issues and visual artifacts. Someone posted the instructions earlier.
  12. Experienced this in the F15 in single-player yesterday.
  13. Hey Nineline, out of interest, can you perhaps explain to us, how one is meant to take a TRACK of a multiplayer join sync issue? Like seriously, lets think about this Do you want a track from the Bombers point of view? Because he sees it, and if he leaves, well he won't see it again. But thats TWO tracks, its a track of the gameplay, not of the loading screen? What exactly does this tell you? The important bit is the bit INBETWEEN the tracks. Do you want it to from a 3rd parties point of view who joins after the event? I mean he NEVER saw it and joins AFTER so who is say the bomb eve
  14. This bug is getting beyond annoying, anyone from the ED team wish to at least acknowledge the existence of multiplayer?
  15. A road map doesn't necessarily include any dates, though they could be vague like Q3, Q4 2018. But even without dates, it would be nice to know the priorities, what we should be expecting first, what should be last, and ideally everything in between.
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