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  1. Have you tried switching off MSAA in DCS and setting the Link to the highest resolution at 90Hz? I have a very similar system to yours, and I am getting very fluid, stutter free gameplay. No super sampling needed at this resolution and I am not dipping below 45fps at all.
  2. If I set bitrate to 500 in the Oculus Tray Tool head movement becomes very jittery for me. Setting it to 150 makes everything smooth. I experimented with the encode resolution settings, but I did not see any change. My resolution is set to the max in Oculus Link (see post above).
  3. I am looking for maximum smoothness, and I am willing to sacrifice some quality for that. I have been in the mid ranges in the Oculus resolution settings, and I didn't even consider higher settings than these: I used 3920x1984 resolution, and super sampling set to 1.3 in OTT. DCS settings are mostly low or off, however, in order to get rid of the jagged edges I had to set MSAA to at least 2x. These settings would give me a solid 45fps and 22ms frame time over the Syria map when you fly low over trees or towns, and it would jump to 90fps and 11ms when flying over more open areas with less trees
  4. I also wanted the G2. Same situation here, no G2 yet, so I decided to get the Quest 2 for now. It's relatively cheap, and hopefully it will be easy to sell when the G2 becomes available. I am not sure that applies to an older headset like the Reverb Pro. I was very skeptical of the Link cable first, but it runs DCS very nicely on my system. I have not tried online gaming with it yet though. Apparently, picture quality is not much behind the G2. You will be amazed by the crisp, sharp, high resolution screen after the HTC Vive. For training it's probably perfect until you get your G2. On th
  5. I use Oculus Tray Tool. I just updated it today. It now has an option to vary the bitrate for the Oculus Link. Before this you could only change the bitrate in the Oculus Debug Tool. I have always left it at zero because that seemed to be the smoothest. Now with this new OTT update I tried the 500 bitrate setting. While fps and frame time did not change at all head movement got jittery again. I set the bitrate to the lowest setting which is 150, and it went back to very smooth with no effect on fps. I have not tried the settings in between. Maybe give it a shot.
  6. Hit right Ctrl+Pause. This will give you fps. If you hit it the second time it will show you a bunch of more stuff. Frame time is in the second row starting with Obj, Trg and then frame time.
  7. Hey Falcon 87, hope you're good. I am now getting Encode Bit Rate Option. So is it better to put that to 500 or leave that at 0 and use encode resolution width at 3648? What are your system specs? To me bitrate 0 works much better than 500. Try it and see what it does. As far as I know, if you set pixel density in the debug tool, that will overwrite what you have set in DCS (I am using Oculus Tray Tool instead of the debug tool). Besides fps, frame time is also very important. If you can find a setting that keeps it below 20ms you won. Low level flying is just unbelievable with low frame t
  8. Thanks a lot! I am now running between 45-90fps at 11ms in most cockpits. The Tomcat is at a solid 45fps at 22ms. It is amazingly smooth.
  9. What a difference! Setting the Vsync to Fast did the trick. Thank you so much jmuthy! Would you mind sharing your other nvidia settings? I'm getting a solid 22ms frame time and I wonder if it could be lowered without reducing the resolution.
  10. Yep, the "big" update hasn't helped me either. I am still getting the choppy, jittery head movements in the cockpit irrespective of frame rate and resolution settings. I have been trying different methods but nothing seems to help. Other games are fine, so I am also leaning towards a DCS issue.
  11. Are you guys able to get smooth head movement in the cockpit with the Quest 2? I am playing around with the settings in Oculus Home using 90Hz refresh rate. I tried all resolution settings from the lowest to the highest but the in cockpit head movement is the same throughout, it is consistently bad. I am getting high fps, low frame time up until 3920x1984 resolution, but while the flying is very smooth head movement is jittery. I also tried using the debug tool and the oculus tray tool as well, changing ASW modes but no luck so far. Lowering super sampling below 1.0 has no effect either.
  12. Apparently there is a big update being released for the Quest 2 that will enable the 90Hz feature, higher resolution, and more control over your settings. Link will be out of beta as well. This is the version 23 update that people have been waiting for and probably the biggest update the Quest 2 will receive during its lifetime. Theoretically it was released yesterday, however, mine is still on version 21. They say if you keep your device on and plugged in, it should update itself in the next couple of days.
  13. I am new to the Quest 2. I am trying to get a similar experience to the Rift S by playing around with the settings but the Quest is kind of a nightmare with all this nonsense like a mobile app, facebook login, sidequest, virtual desktop, and oculus deboug tool. Man, try to figure this out. Anyway, I get better fps and frame time with the Quest 2 compared to the Rift S in DCS, however, the overall experience is way behind the Rift. Moving around in the cockpit is extremely choppy, and the picture quality is much worse than it was with the Rift. Yet the higher fps and lower frame time is very co
  14. I have the same system with a 2080ti. I am using the Oculus Link cable. I am getting around 30 fps and the frame time is 30ms. It is unflyable like this. With the Rift S and the Oculus tray tool I can get 80 fps and 12ms frame time which is butter smooth with using shader mods. Without the shader mods I get solid 20ms frame time and fps is between 40-80 which is still pretty good. With the Quest 2 DCS is unplayable for me too. The oculus debug tool does not change things that much. If I lower the super sampling to 1.0 I can get 60 fps out of it but it still sucks because of high frame times
  15. I really like the new FM. Great work Hiromachi! Congrats! Flying this aircraft around is becoming a sexual experience.
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