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  1. .50 cal. will knock out a BTR. in real life. Just saying.
  2. The C802 AKG tv cruise missile will not display ground (only water) on the wide field of view.
  3. The harpoon should have a 30 feet ASL flight profile after launch, and a 45 degree left and right snake pattern for aquisition. It won't do that in game. Talk to your SMEs if you have any. I was U.S. Navy, I know.
  4. The boys at Dekka have an 802 ASM that behaves correctly. Talk to them. The missile should skim at 30 feet, from any range.
  5. The radar is buggy as hell right now.
  6. No. They should jam too, but don't.
  7. Cause they don't think its broken. Search is a filter, that is suppose to show, or not show, search radars. It has nothing to do with fire control radars. The way it works in game is completely wrong.
  8. No. That is TERM...terminal attack profile.
  9. From the manual: "when the seeker begins searching for the target at the designated location: • SML. 10,000 meters before target location • MED. 20,000 meters before target location • LRG. 30,000 meters before target location" This option does nothing. Missile only aquires within 3 to 6 miles regardless of setting. Coupled with the non-functioning sea skimmer flight profile of LOW (see other post), the missile is useless against ships with defenses.
  10. From the manual: "LOW: The Harpoon cruises to the target at low (sea skimming) altitude. Low altitude is also known as a sea skimming profile because the Harpoon travels to the target area at very low altitude. While maximum range is reduced, enemy reaction time is also greatly reduced. Cruise altitude is 5,000 feet" This contradicts itself. In game, Harpoon does NOT cruise at low sea skimming altitude. It flies at 5000 feet, or lower if launching aircraft is lower than 5000, until it aquires target.
  11. There is no way to enter altitude for a pre-planed target coordinate. Weapon is unfinished, and no documentation. ED, how about some documentation for your $80 product.
  12. I have the real life USAF bomb tables for the F5. They dont work with DCS, because DCSs bomb ballistics are not accurately modeled.
  13. Search function does nothing. Missile only seems to acquire target from 10nm regardless of search setting.
  14. Can we get a flashlight for night starts please?
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