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  1. here i am again! this time i've disabled the few mods i had and tried again...12 out of 12 hits, perfect 100%. This brings the question: The only mods i had were a pre-planned setup of the ALE47 to not set it up in flight everytime, i mod to help me export instruments panel on another screen and a mod that enbales me to fully use 3-way switches in DCS. Also unrelated with the hit percentage issue but something that caught my eye while trying (you can see that on the video) TGP locking doesn't work really well when zoomed all the way in. Sometimes to make the TGP "snap" onto tar
  2. Yea, alignment is fine. I’ll just try without any mod enabled and post my results here. Thanks again!
  3. yes i am running mods but just liveries and ALE-47 settings. the mission is as simple as it gets: an f18 40 nm from 20 ural in line. Nothing else in the theater. I will disable all mods and try again. Thanks for the support! testtgp.rar
  4. second try, this time 2 passes went without a hitch on the third one all 4 missed left....as you can see i always apply the same routine for setting up and deploy the bombs jdamtest.rar
  5. Attached you'll find the track. I've tried few times and i've found out that the spawn bombs hit everytime, while subsequent jdams tend to miss. jdamtest.rar
  6. Thanks a lot Bignewy, I will post it this afternoon!
  7. Hello everyone, i have prepared a JDAM practice test mission with unlimited weapons. What i found out is that after the first launch (all 4 targets hit succesfully), subsequent deployment of JDAMs resulted in mishits or loss of guidance. Am i the only one? Tacview attached! (the third deployment did not actually hit as many trucks as tacview is showing) Regards, AMVI_Vinci Tacview-20190807-232143-DCS-testtgp.rar
  8. Hello everyone, Since Open Beta Update i have the following problem. Every drop down menu is visualized on the right hand border of the left monitor instead of it's correct position beneath the menu (see attachment). Any ideas on how to solve this? before this update it was working perfectly fine Regards, AMVI_Vinci
  9. Hello everybody, I had a pre planned flight plan (waypoint 1 to 6) on sequence 1. I wanted to insert waypoint 1 on sequence 2 and change it's coordinate. The result is that no matter what sequence you modify the UFC will always change waypoint 1 on sequence 1. Am I the only one? Thanks
  10. UPDATE LAST OPEN BETA VERSION: I have tested for 3/4 hours with the originale setup (3x27” monitor 5670x1080) yesterday and I did not have a single freeze. Maybe it’s been fixed! I tried on the new map though, I will try on Caucasus today!
  11. I do not use tha program, sorry. I have not messed with the FOV but i still keep getting the same freezes as per my first post
  12. Same problems highlighted by other players: My specs (hope it helps): Processor: I7 6700K Motherboard: Z170X Ultra Gaming GPU: Nvidia Geforce 1070 Strix Ram: 16 Gigs DCS is installed in a dedicated SSD and i am running 3 27" inch monitor (5760x1080) Same for everyone else after a random period of time (may be 10 mins may be 45) the video freezes (sound still goes on) and i have to Ctrl+Alt+Del to kill it. The only notable thing i have witnessed is that freezes happen more frequently while using the Huey. Thanks for the help options.lua surround.lua
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