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  1. HI fellow simmers, It is important to say that firstly I have no affiliation with Andre's shop and I am a consumer looking for quality products for my simming hobby. I thought it important to give feedback about my experience with Andre and his product Jetseat. I know with certain other companies people have experienced problems which can cast a shadow of trust, so when someone provides a high quality product and excellent customer service/support, I think it is important to highlight the good as well as the bad. I received my original seat and ran into a warranty issue a couple of
  2. Edit to post and answered my own question and solved my problem.
  3. Forgive me if this has been asked before but I can't find the answer- Can you run simshaker software and drive the jet seat and buttkicker 2 at the same time using usb mode?
  4. I hope they do include Redkite as his videos and tutorials are excellent.
  5. They are working on updates to textures and raindrop effects. ED updates all of it's modules including it's older ones. I try to support them by buying new modules. P51 is getting a update next week
  6. Insult's get us no where and ED are trying to handle the fall out. It's clear that ED know as much as we do at this point as VEAO did not have the courtesy to discuss this with ED which put ED in a difficult position and shows VEAO do not care for their customers. Pulling it from the shop is the right thing to do. In a short time I hope this is sorted with the customers of VEAO in mind. Again I know this is not ED fault and VEAO have let both the ED and us down. But I hope ED will bare in mind that people paid for a full module,upfront, on trust under the ED banner. For peop
  7. It is clear that the Hawk will be stuck in it's current unfinished state and will develop more bugs as VEAO is cutting ties with DCS and dissolving as a company. ED need to step into the breach to protect the DCS name. VEAO always over promised and under delivered and people are left now with a unfinished product,after years of being patient. It does not matter to the customer what agreements ED has with VEAO, it matters what happens now to loyal customers of ED. If ED does not pick the Hawk up and support it then they should pull it from the shop as selling it would be disingenuou
  8. A option for clean or dirty canopy in the special options seems the best course. I can see why people find it annoying. So please LLC, when you get time. Thanks
  9. The Viggen menu music is- head shoulders above the rest when it comes to menu music. Setting the bench mark that high is a tough act to follow.
  10. The Lightning was unmatched from brakes off to 50,000 feet until the F15 showed up. There is a famous tale of a Lightning intercepting a U2 on a exercise. A dangerous thing to do as the pilot in question had no pressure suit and was relying on the aircraft to maintain cabin pressure. The Lightning was renowned as one of the most fun but challenging jets to fly. It would be a interesting addition in DCS.
  11. Thanks guys for your input. Its appreciated. A kind guy in the community is sending me some wiring. Just goes to show what a great bunch some people are in this hobby.
  12. Hi Guys, I have tried to contact Thrustmaster support on this matter but get no reply. I have a Thrustmaster warthog hotas which has a broken wire running from the throttle metal pinkie switch and auto pilot button to the board. I need to replace the wiring ribbon which comes with the something with the right amount of wires and correct plug to plug into the board. Do you guy know where I can source this as Thrustmaster are ignoring my requests for help and I have no idea where to source this item. Thanks in advance for any help. Piper
  13. Great job on the Harrier Guide. ������������������������������������������������ Thanks for your dedication. It makes the learning curve shallower, but personally, I find your guides invaluable for a refresh on a aircraft I haven't flown for a while.
  14. As stated by many. Not a great idea to offer simplified existing modules of the same aircraft. There is a element of DCS flyers that look down on FC3 but please ED,don't let this influence your decesion in pressing forward with this idea as you think it's best as existing flyers are looking down their nose. I know new players are important and there is a huge benefit to offering FC4 but not in this vein. This really does blur the lines and sets up two camps within the same community. I can see two camps evolving and many servers excluding FC4 aircraft for the reason of fairness. I
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