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  1. You might need to switch to next WP, then laser, and then cycle WP Increment 3 times (I think) and the LAR will show up, this is why I said you need to have good switchology - I am unsure if we will eventually be able to assign Markpoints to PP JDAM Missions to allow a simpler engagement, but at altitude it is just a matter of timing\practice. It is a bit much for toss-bombing though - JDAM Toss Bomb is now among my favorite means of attack, challenging but fun. DISCO
  2. I just confirmed in the sim, previous OB (not the patch from a week or so ago) that MK does in fact set a point where the TPOD is aimed. The Markpoint can then be designated and you can return to it - as with regular waypoint designation you need to ensure the TPOD is in SLAVE mode - so you can scope out a target area, set down multiple Markpoints, and then use them for targeting, even handoff to JDAM's if your switchology is good. DISCO
  3. I thought this was recently added to Harrier, designate a target or get an area lock and kit the OSB next to MK and the spot is incrementally added to the markpoint list - it is only own position now if you do not have a designated target. It was in a recent changelog if memory serves. DISCO
  4. Sorry, didn't realize there was a setting to keep the Discord invites from going invalid, here is a new one: https://discord.gg/EnB8UyA DISCO
  5. With FlyingIron Simulations announcement in February that they would be bringing the LTV A-7E Corsair II, affectionately known as the SLUF to the DCS ecosystem, I am potentially willing to establish VA-97 Warhawks if there is enough interest. I currently fly the F-14B Tomcat, and have previously served as Ops O, XO and CO of Hornet and A-4E Skyhawk squadrons. The possibility of a full-fidelity A-7E Corsair II is very exciting as the SLUF was the origin of so many of the capabilities we take for granted in the single-seat attack role today, highly accurate INS, moving map display, adv
  6. I recently took the time to put together Voice Attack profile with 120 commands to have more granular control over where Jester is looking with the radar, specifically the range-at-altitude commands. In testing on a SP development sortie I found he seems to be working OK, in that he does seem to find targets faster than in auto, and I can combine it with directed azimuth as well, i.e., Center-Left, or Right, etc. On MP though it only seems to confuse him - the range markings rarely change, even the azimuth commands are not reliably indicated on the TID repeater. I am not sure howeve
  7. Method for using the WMD-7 targeting pod to find and designate ground targets as Markpoints, transfer them to the nav database as Pre Planned waypoints, and then employ a ripple attack of LS-6 glide bombs for a simultaneous strike on mobile targets before they can disperse. Hope you enjoy! DISCO
  8. This, so much this ^^^^^. The Tomcat crew is all bout shared resources and shared responsibilities - and those change substantially moving from BVR into close-in and then the merge/WVR. DISCO
  9. Follow-Up, The Map issue may have been a one-time issue, appears OK now. SRS and no power on spawn still remain.
  10. Confirming warning lights are harder to read after 12/18 patch.
  11. SRS cannot connect for JF-17 in MP but works for other modules Power not available on spawn in MP still occurring. Map not showing on HSD in MP - when MAP selected display brightness drops by over 50% and all imagery is blurry on MFCD. Sorry no track, not on my gaming rig.
  12. The real gear and flap lights are incandescent bulbs under a plastic cover, checked real quick and looks visually correct. DISCO
  13. The MiG-23 will not keep up with the Tomcat in the vertical, they always drop out before I do, typical merge is nose/nose angels 10 and about 350-450 KTAS - 1/2 loop, unload shortly before level and extend out, wait for him to fall out and then roll in behind him for easy guns kill. And I am giving him weight advantage (I have 2 x Fox 1, 2 x Fox 2, empty tanks and 80% fuel) where he is 80% fuel guns only. Make a smooth pull to 15 units AOA and hold it with Max AB, you'll level off inverted at about 200-ish or just under, Flogger is bingo energy and flopping out, extend towards him a bit an
  14. For the design of my prototype QuickPit I used the dimensions of the real F/A-18C Instrument Panel as a guide to bound the panel and glareshield and then figuring out what Force IPD Distance setting in DCS combined with placement of the QuickPit, Stick and Throttle in 3D space lets me make 1 to 1 movements. Once that is set I will say that VR, a realistic instrument panel and HOTAS layout and SimShaker is incredibly immersive. DISCO
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