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  1. I did not forget anything. I have no idea who you are talking about. I don't know what "combined arms people " are. But if DCS is leaning towards making little people run around like Call of Duty and Battlefield now, then I'm out. I need a real flight sim not some harebrained operation that tries to capitalize on all the fads and offer a slice of pie to whoever whines the loudest and which goes after all the fads. Almost everyone who started with DCS came to fly! ...Is this where flight sims go to die?
  2. ANy interior of the carrier is time wasted! .....You can't fly inside a carrier. This is pure stupidity. We have so many more important needs. No one wants to add any more GB to the DCS World DL because of "interior of the carrier" as other such nonsense. Not to mention the extra RAM and FPS problems it would cause.
  3. Sounds good...Let's have a Star Wars map for that X-Wing too!
  4. Why not add this into the stable?
  5. I just found out about these things from Youtube today too! They are out of stock at the moment anyway. But no mention of how much they cost. Anyone know? Oh .......here's a better instructions on installing the mod. (1) Fix and upgrade your TWCS throttle slider for butter-smooth action and a bonus feature! - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PndDrVpef6U
  6. If you like to fly Russian you'll won't find a more interesting video. Even the head of Sukhoi shows up in this in Syria.
  7. Definitely... she is Russian. Oh those were the days. ........................To be back in St Petersburg!
  8. I had the same just happen to me. In fact I thought that DCS had updated yesterday and then restarted. But today I realized it is the old version of DCS and the update never finished. When I try to DL the update again I see that Windows Defender stops it due to the trojan. Well, now that I see that its a false alarm I'll ignore the warning.
  9. I have one SSD C:\ which was intended to be only for the OS and related files. I have another larger SSD D: which I have tried to use for, DCS World, and other programs. The problem: Somehow, DCS is spread over both SSD drives. Somehow there are DCS files in C:\ Saved Games. And there are DCS files in a specified location, where they are supposed to be, in D:\ The Questions: Is this going to be a potential problem later on down the road? What would be the safest and easiest way to collect DCS onto the D drive if I wer
  10. I don't usually fly with the VPN or Paint.....this ScreenShot was quickly taken for demonstration purposes. There is not much difference with these things on or off anyway. However, I will be upgrading the RAM and have asked for some opinions on another threat about this. I was mostly worried about the GPU. But after doing a web search I read that the GPU is not a problem. I think the RAM might be though.
  11. It seems that I am collecting a bunch of ram sticks of various sizes and speeds. I'll be able to upgrade Mrs Cuckoo's laptop with more of my old ram again, soon.
  12. Yeah.....I'm bad like that! ............I use 4 browsers loaded with tabs all the time. Especially when I am watching tutorials on different weapon systems. But this time I wasn't actually using DCS other than to demonstrate the GPU usage. I guess I should try to turn them all off when flying a mission, though.
  13. Decided to check the Task manager and noticed the high GPU and Memory usage. (It has 16GB RAM) I haven't actually noticed poor performance or low FPS ever. Just wondered what this means and if I should take any actions.
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