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  1. The Huey is every bit as good as the Mi8. The Mi8 has more going on in the cockpit, is larger, and requires more patience to fly as it is more susceptible to VRS and you really have to pay attention to your descent rate in a hover. Both will challenge you and infuriate you at first, but once you get the feel for hovering and learn their eccentricities, they will also be immensely rewarding! You really cannot go wrong with either and buying one will undoubtedly make you want to get the other. Both are excellent modules and the pinnacle of helicopter simulation. Caveat - there is the mu
  2. I wholeheartedly agree and do not mean to sound ungrateful in the least. I LOVE your guides and find them immensely helpful. I also enjoy reading and learning from the manuals themselves. I see a lot of questions asked around the forums and elsewhere that can be answered with a quick search and reference of said manuals. Apologies. Thank you for all of the work you put into these!
  3. From the NATOPS: 4.1.7 Weight Limitations. The maximum allowable gross weights are: Location Pounds Field Takeoff 51,900 Landing (Flared) 39,000 FCLP/Touch-and-go/Barricade Before AFC 029 30,700 After AFC 029 33,000 Carrier Catapult 51,900 Landing Unrestricted 33,000 Restricted 34,000 Also, be careful to not touchdown with too little descent rate as "the WOW switch may not actuate immediately. In this case, the throttles cannot be reduced to ground idle and may be inadvertently left in the flight idle position, thereby reducing the deceleration rate and exten
  4. Great pictures! Love it!
  5. Stall "speed" is simply exceeding the critical angle of attack. Many aircraft (especially GA) will give you the stall speeds, but they are the same - at that speed you will exceed the critical angle of attack. The optimum angle of attack for landing is on speed (The donut and the bracket). Don't think in speeds and focus on AOA. For landing, lower your gear and flaps under 250. Then trim for on speed aoa (trim so that hands off, the VV - Velocity Vector stays inside, near center of the bracket), once you do use very little stick for pitch, control your descent and speed with throt
  6. On speed AOA, but watch your descent rate. I typically land the Hornet with a Vertical Velocity of 300 to 400 fpm. That is a bit heavy. You could also jettison and/or dump some fuel, switch aft of the throttle, near your left thigh. On the checklist page on the DDI, it gives your aircraft weight, too. The above 300 too 400fpm is what I had been using for landing on runways. I was curious what I land on the boat with, but never really noticed because my eyes are always ball and lineup. I stole a few glances and after boltering a few times because I took my eyes off the ball, I finall
  7. Chuck's guides are amazing and I read most of them. However, all of this information is already in the manual, just condensed. The FA18 manual is an excellent resource that explains everything you need to know. Take the time, reference it and you will learn a lot!
  8. The Yak 55M is one of my all time favorite planes. I love seeing them next to much smaller Extras, Pitts, etc at various acro competitions. And who doesn't love a big radial? Especially that Russian M14P!! I will be perfectly happy with the Yak 52.
  9. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=210350 For the instant action missions, Wags said it's set to 55X. For missions that you create, the Stennis currently defaults to 1X. It can be changed in the mission editor by clicking on the Stennis, then "Advanced (Waypoint Actions)" and edit.
  10. You can find the TACAN in the Advanced (Waypoint Actions) window below the waypoints of the Stennis. You can then edit it and change it from 1 to whatever you wish.
  11. The coremods and mods folder for the Hornet is FA-18C. This should be the name of the folder for the kneeboard as well, however it is not currently working for me. C:\Users\mypc\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Kneeboard\FA-18C Has anyone been able to get their kneeboard files to work yet? Edit: Thanks to the thread linked below! The path is: C:\Users\mypc\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Kneeboard\FA-18C_hornet
  12. Even the derailed cat thread has derailed. :music_whistling: I'm not going to say dogs are better than cats, but if a dog were a taildragger and a cat were a nosedragger, I would go with the dog!
  13. Honestly, reading the comments here might just be more entertaining than actually flying the hornet. It'll be here soon™. I think one thing to realize while some of you rapid fire post is that ED is most likely working hard to get it out the door (so to speak) and doesn't have time to answer every single impatient customer. The change log has been posted, you know it is imminent. Just relax and wait for it to be ready.
  14. I just tried the P-51, 109 and the Dora (neglecting the Spitfire because of its known tailwheel issues). All three had their special auto rudder unchecked and take off assist fully to the left. It seems to me that this has more to do with some sort rudder assist as mentioned previously in the thread than with the actual torque. After take off, I pulled power to idle in all three. Each immediately rolled to the right with the lack of power (torque), then when applying full power, it would seemingly stabilize. Clearly, pulling power to idle and quickly applying full power this quickly w
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