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  1. If you read the report in total you will find that most of the initial 5/1 ratio kills were without the jets even noticing that they are being shot at. The pilots got informed about being shot down during debrief. It seems like spotting a Helo is not as easy as it seems (given the right terrain of course). Still, you are right. When you know its there, a Jet-pilot ca decide where and when to fight and shoot a Helo down with ease.
  2. Let me enlight you. Before talking about something you should always read everything. Not only the fun stuff and then stop when you feel your first thought has been validated. At the bottom of every wikipedia entry there is something called "notes". Maybe you should take a look.
  3. yes, but when the F-15s where allowed to use Sparrows the kill ratio went to 2.9/1. That is still worse than 5/1 in favor of the Helos when using guns only. To me this means Helos can be very dangerous given the right terrain (canyons, caucasus etc.)
  4. I just stumbled upon this wikipedia entry and was baffled how effective Helos seem to be against Jets. With the new Ka-50 update coming this year maybe multiplayer isnt as bad as i thought driving Helos. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J-CATCH Also i remember years ago when starting DCS A-10C i was shot down by Mi24s several times. I always thought it was because the AI is much to accurate, but looks like it is closer to the real thing than i thought.
  5. Thanks for the update heclak! This mod is awesome and everything you do is much appreciated! If someone missed it there was a livestream on twitch and some post on hoggit regarding upcoming updates: heclak A-4E Dev 1 point · 44 minutes ago I've sort of lost track of what's new as I have yet to write up the changelog. I have the code commit messages to refer to for later. I've done some tweaks to the cockpit, modelled some new panels, changed some indicators, added sounds for the huffer, new collision model (not visual damage model), added NVG, new engine control panel, fuel dump,
  6. Thanks for the info! Looking forward to it!
  7. Will development of the Skyhawk go on or is it considered complete? It is my favourte module by far (i own every dcs module) and i would like to have it as close to the real thing as possible! I know its very unlikely, but i still wanted to ask if it is still being worked on. Thanks
  8. yes, sounds right. I just discovered a standard loadout (made by razbam) called helo escort. It consists of 4 sidewinders and the gun. so only air to air. Which leaves ground threats to another escort, maybe gunships.
  9. i discovered using terrain avoidance mode in linear mode will make obstacles way more clear. I managed to fly several missions low level through the caucasus with zero visibility without crashing into something. When you know how to read the radar the viggen can fly when other birds need to stay home.
  10. Trying to revive a very old post :-) Does anybody know how especially the flight profil would look like? As slow as possible to stay as close as possible to the helos? Or just flying in front and circling above? And is there a difference in defending against flying threats and ground-based threats?
  11. Great point! Never thought about when the Mirage 2000C entered service, because its always talked about being a 4th gen aircraft - so i was comparing it to other 4th gen aircraft which have been updated much more till now. So when creating an 80s scenario the Mirage is a good option for CAP! In this case JDAMs and JSOWs are unrealistic, but Walleyes make much more sense!
  12. Great summary, thanks! Actually this is how i would set it up in the editor in a persian gulf conflict: Hornets for CAP providing cover Vipers going in first with SEAD/DEAD Hornets dropping stand-off stuff like JSOW and SLAM-ER Viper with GBUs as the main strike package Maybe some sneaky Viggen attacks at supply depots? Now onto the next question: How would a M2000 fit into that? Additional CAP? As GBU-bombtruck for the F-16? I love the Mirage, but struggling to find a mission where it is better than the other planes. Most of the time i fit it in under "realism/lore" aspects. Like
  13. I am sensing some discontent about unfinished modules :smilewink: In my mind theorizing about the planes in DCS is an important part of a community and the reason for a forum like this. To talk about shared interests and have fun with it.
  14. But till they are finished products all we have is theorycrafting :smilewink:
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