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  1. Oops sorry I did mean coordinated turn not level turn so sorry about the added confusion...
  2. Don't you have trouble readjusting to the fm changes in a case I pattern? I must be a total noob then when there is an fm change I have a hard time readjusting. My Tacview files are a testament to my incompetence...
  3. Ok lets take a step back for a minute, I think we are discussing two different things: - Adverse yaw vs aoa angle - Rudder usage for turning While it is true that various sources discuss adverse yaw at high aoa, they also state that under certain circumstances you also get proverse yaw but are vague as to which parameters are producing said proverse yaw. Upon further reflexion, when turning what are we trying to accomplish? We are looking for a level _turn_ not compensating for adverse (or proverse) yaw of the roll... I looked for the 'roll induced yaw vs aoa' diagram but could not locate any. Is it relevant? For example: High aoa, you need to use rudders for 'rolling' and we already agree that rolling (stick) at high aoa induces adverse yaw so if you roll using rudders adverse yaw is not a problem. Low aoa, we are _turning_ so if the roll part of the turn induces a bit of proverse yaw that is a good thing, since it will be easyer to stay level in the turn, then apply proverse yaw with the rudders to stay level in the turn. So in essence, we are both right just talking about two different things.
  4. thanks for sharing I will be trying this out!
  5. This is not what my experience is telling me, nor what Natops, Victory205, Wikipedia et al. are explaining. Low or high aoa doesn't the slip occur in the opposite direction of the roll?
  6. you got me dreaming... of an A10 on the catapult! Imagine that!
  7. Low aoa is adverse yaw, so when you stick left you rudder left also. High aoa don't use the stick for roll! Use rudders only. This way you don't need to think about reversing your rudder usage depending on aoa... These planes are designed to be as simple as possible (but not too simple) so you can concentrate on the kill.
  8. Very sorry about my momentary lapse there, if you don't give up how could I? :thumbup:
  9. whoa... the fm changes during the latest patch :huh: The pitch moments for the landing flaps seems a bit crazy to me. My pattern is completely messed up again. I give up. Will concentrate on acm until the fm calms down.
  10. Yes I checked it out I stand corrected, my bad. How on earth would a fighter spit on the A10 there is nothing to replace it with?
  11. Ahah! some sense at last. It amazes me how previous us administrations seemed to be bent on gutting the best elements of american aircraft ingenuity. Replacing the A10? Bwahahaha! That lady was just about to mention the F35 as a CAS platform I bet ya! The russians do not need to dabble around in this nonsense, they still fly the Grach today with the Su-25SM3 variant. Why change something that does the job well?
  12. Took her around for a few skirmishes after the latest patch. I did notice the buffeting was less intense but I did out-turn a flanker in a downward spiral without thinking too much about it. Somehow it seems more natural now, in that if you stay within the envelope you have some cue that your just at the edge but still within parameters, without feeling like the thing will come apart. Then I dodged an IR missile fired at me from behind and probably pulled 25+ units. Yep it was definitely shaking!
  13. Here's my take on it: In cruise, I don't think about it too much. When maneuvering I look at the turn coordination indicator which is not a problem because I have time. You don't need to use alot of rudder at high speed/low aoa. In a fight, I am at high aoa most of the time so I don't really need to coordinate. I turn and burn with the rudders. Slow/high AOA. This is the time to show your coordination skillz. Notice that when landing, and especially during CaseI an out of coordination turn will mess up your lift big time. In the A10C, I found it easy to 'step on the ball' with the turn indicator but in the cat it confuses me because I get distracted by the rudder position line. What I do now is this: when in AG or LDG mode, you get a FPI (flight path indicator). I use the small dot (the boresight?) in the hud to 'support' the fpi like balancing a ball on a plate and my turns are smooth and coordinated.
  14. Awhhh again? Thx so much when I get tired of the F14 I'll be hopping back into the A10C with this baby for sure! ...so I can ditch Ikarus now, great :smilewink:
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