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  1. Climbing to 40k ft and then at WYPT2 diving down to 30k did make a difference. Have passed the mission. Could never get the SLAM to behave consistently though.
  2. I'm stuck on Mission 10. I fly to Waypoint 2 and get prompted to fence in. With Waypoint 3 selected, I click the WPDSG button and see the IN RNG message. When my teammates fire, I launch as well. However even with FLT LOW selected the missile goes up in the air in a gentle arc and immediately becomes slower than my plane. It takes ages for the TMR countdown to reach 0 and the missile is normally intercepted before then. Am I missing a step?
  3. Whilst we're on the subject this is also incorrect. You appear to have confused "early development" with "early access". The two phrases are completely unrelated. In fact most EA games are comparatively late in development when up for public release as that's the only way you can have a functioning gameplay loop.
  4. Regardless of your opinion on the quality of current releases and roadmaps, the above statement is fundamentally wrong: https://partner.steamgames.com/doc/store/earlyaccess
  5. No, I do have AI Rafale & Eurofighter installed though
  6. Tested on the L-39. Latest OB version.
  7. RB-05 training mission. The guidance flare on the RB-05 seems to clip out of view after only a few seconds (I was 3-4km from target waypoint and it was still disappearing before it reached the X). I don't remember it being that short. Working as intended? edit: see attached. I fired it when I was at 9km and took screens straddling the point the flare disappears. Only made it 3 km.
  8. So I've been replaying Mission 4 "Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown" a lot prior to and post the 2.5.6 patch. Post the patch, on the way to waypoint 2, when I get around 10km to the navpoint the desired path shown by the HUD will suddenly jump to the left by an inch like it's just recalculated the route. Is this a bug or intentional behaviour? edit: might also explain why pre-patch the cluster bombs always carpeted the target area perfectly but post-patch the left side escapes unscathed. This is heading to Waypoint 7 on the way home but you can see how the HUD director and th
  9. Happens intermittently in mission editor. Happens consistently in Wrath of Thunder Mission 4 when I try to engage the Frogfoots. CTDs without the usual DCS error message so no crash logs were made, only the standard one. Does not appear to occur with any other weapon. dcs2.txt
  10. You were right. Sensor Fwd wasn't doing anything. There was no highlighted control conflict but once I changed the keybind and made it go from TV to IRMV it was able to lock. I was using default keybindings for everything so might be a bug?
  11. Have read the other threads and watched tutorial videos. Playing the short versions of the M17 training mission and I can't get the non-laser Mavericks to lock in any of them. These are my steps: Press A/G mode button & master arm on. Go to stores and select Mavericks so IRMV is boxed. Ready tone already displayed. Press Sensor Aft twice to get light green cam feed on right MFD. Press TDC down (not aft) to lock ground and then use TDC to slew over target. Uncage maverick to get black & green cam feed on left MFD. Press FOV button to zoom in. Press Sensor Fwd once.
  12. I'm not buying this thing blind. Someone must have bought it?
  13. But... you do have eyes right? You're seeing the same VEAO site message we are? Clearly something has changed.
  14. It took almost a year for ED to fix a simple missing glass texture that the community fixed in minutes. And this was an issue that stared players in the face with green pixelated canopies compared to the less conspicuous issue of ship wakes.
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