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  1. Really cool documentary that would be a cool mission to create. If someone is skilled at Mission Making and would share if they build it, it would be appreciated. https://youtu.be/PeHc4vbQrNY
  2. Those are the next 2 weapons systems I am hoping come to the Viper. They will make it more of a SEAD threat. Right now with SAM's in the area the F/A-18 does a much better job and I want to get some more seat time in the Viper. Really looking forward to those 2 weapons.
  3. I have accidentally hit the (wrong switch) APU switch to on during flight and I have got the warning message. I would turn the APU off immediately but the caution warning would not go away with obviously the right engine running. Seems like if you are in flight the right engine would automatically charge the system and the warning should self clear? Even after acknowledging the Master Caution it would not clear. Guess I will try this if / when I do it again. Thanks!
  4. So, if the guidance frequency changes immediately on launch, then why when someone launches on you in TWS mode your RWR does not give a launch warning until the missile goes pitbull?
  5. I have noticed a pull as well. It is aggravating.
  6. The problem is also exacerbated if you are using the keyboard for rudder / nose-wheel steering because it is either all or nothing. A depress of the X / Y key gives FULL nose-wheel or rudder. It is horrible. I use my rig for dual use of both flight sim and racing. So when I do not have my flight pedals on because I have my racing pedals mounted, it is virtually impossible to take off with an asymmetric load out.
  7. So I am all for constructive criticism and I agree you do have a valid point. I only included 2 options because I could not come up with a 3rd. (At the end of the day I think THRUSTMASTER is only concerned with would you spend money or not.) If you have a suggestion for a 3rd or even a 4th poll option you can PM me and I'll see if we can add it. Don't just point out problems, propose solutions.
  8. Moderator can you change the name of the poll to. "Would you buy a new F-16C Standalone Throttle?"
  9. Please vote in poll above! So with the announcement of the new "Thrustmaster® HOTAS Magnetic Base and F-16C Viper™ HOTAS Add-On Grip" (which appears to be a Warthog base and dare I say A-10 grip that you can buy separately, which I think is awesome BTW) it got me thinking like most of you I am sure....Now that I can customize my grip, I wish I could pick and choose an aircraft specific throttle too. If we get enough people together to show THRUSTMASTER that if they built a new standalone F16-C throttle (a new Cougar basically with a USB plug) with all of the advancements in sensor techn
  10. My explanation is for using the seeker in the Maverick. I don't even fly with a TGP if I am bringing 4 Mavericks. Station 5 would have either a drop tank or MK82 x 2.
  11. My technique is to come in from fairly high and a long way out so that your dive is no more than about 25 degrees max, 15 to 20 is better. Have the A/P (auto-pilot) page up on the UFC, nose down so that the center of the HUD where the Maverick seeker defaults to is on / near the target, put the engines at idol to have more time, hit the ATTH (attitude hold button on the UFC) so that you don't have to fly the jet for a bit and can concentrate on the Mav seeker in the MFD, Rifle the first Maverick, slew and Rifle the second and so on. Pull the paddle switch to disengage auto-pilot and throttle u
  12. Well here's my $0.02. While I understand that the code on the seeker of the LGB is set on the ground by the ground crew and not the pilot, here is the difference and why I think in the Sim the pilot SHOULD be able to change the code of the LGB in flight. (Obviously you can change the code of the laser that the targeting POD fires in the cockpit by the pilot, A10C, F18, F16, ect). In many missions on the server I typically fly you can spawn in a JTAC via completing side missions or Helo in JTAC's via a CTLD script we run. The JTAC laser code is automatically set when they spawn in and you
  13. In another post Wags confirmed that the jet is already INS aligned on engine start. A full proper INS alignment sequence with the approximate 4 minute wait time will be modeled later in early access.
  14. Thanks for the response. I had the same question and figured it was probably 120°.
  15. Obviously the module is new and will have bugs. However, from Wags video of the AMRAAM employment the "A" under the Rmax / Rne / Rmin staple where it shows an "A" for time to active then a "T" for time to impact. That value showed an "A" for time to active all the way until the missile hit the target. Thought I'd share what I noticed. Thanks ED for the amazing work and I can't wait to get home to try it out. I did not see this bug listed in Nineline's post of known issues.
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