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  1. Hello, when in the mission editor we set a triggered action "go to WP x" for a land unit, the movement mode cannot be chosen (on road, all terrain ...). Would it be possible to add the possibility of choosing the mode of movement applicable to the triggered action? Thank you in advance
  2. Hello, when we use the ground units (infantry, vehicles), we very often have groups blocked in the scenery (buildings, trees). Perhaps it is due to the management of collisions? This strongly harms the missions, which cannot be completed as a result. Would it be possible to have a parameter (checkbox) in DCS which allows to inactivate the management of collisions on the ground between the ground units, and the scenery? It will be much less disturbing to have units crossing objects, than to abort missions on blockages that one cannot predict or avoid. Thank you in adva
  3. Hello, Some updates have seriously impacted the functioning of infantry on the ground: > when disembarking from a helicopter, they are too close to each other and remain blocked by pivoting on themselves; > if they start to move, the collision management algorithm no longer works, and they push the chopper, until the beam breaks; > when infantry is placed in a populated area (buildings / trees), while they have been given a road (wp on road) to follow, they are blocked against the buildings and trees. It looks like the anti-collision algorithm has been severely degraded. Can
  4. Hi, 1> I don't know if this is important, but the mods folders should be placed in the "tech" folder (lowercase) and not "Tech". :) 2> Usually, each mod is stored in is own folder with its name "ex: Container", and all folders and files must be in it. We therefore have a storage of the form: ...DCS.openbeta/Mods/tech/Container/Data /Database /Liveries /Shapes
  5. De rien Grajo, c'est une solution pas très élégante, car je n'ai pas trouvé d'autre moyen que de détourner un objet infanterie pour parvenir à avoir la lumière et contrôler le ON/OFF. La version précédente (sans ON/OFF) de mon projecteur était une Fortification, qui avait l'avantage de pouvoir être posé n'importe où (sur bâtiment, plateforme Pétrolière, au sol..), mais après une des dernières maj le projecteur ne fonctionnait plus. ça a l'air de fonctionner pas mal. J'ai modifié la mission de démo, pour montrer ce que cela donne sur une plateforme pétrolière.. à voir ;) Sinon, j'ai eu
  6. Hello nibbylot, I have just discovered and tested your mod for the 1st time today, and I want to thank you and congratulate you for this gift that you are giving to all helicopter lovers on DCS, but also to those who, like me, try to produce mods despite the little documentation provided by ED. I admit that I find it hard to imagine how you could produce a work of such quality. Good luck for the rest of your work. I'm sure there are many of us who follow and appreciate them. cheers
  7. @THEDYQUIROZ, lo que nos proporcionó nibbylot es simplemente excepcional. Lamento que no lo sepas. En cuanto al uso del mod en su versión actual, es perfectamente controlable. Lo acabo de instalar y pude sin dificultad aterrizar en todas partes (suelo, torre de control, edificios, ...) En resumen, creo que si no tienes éxito, es probablemente que te falte un poco de entrenamiento. Por lo demás, te invito a respetar un poco más el trabajo que algunos brindan a toda la comunidad, o por lo menos a mediar tus comentarios. Y si realmente echa de menos ciertos aspectos del mod ofrecido
  8. 2020_07_27 : New version (more simple) Hello, For those interested, here is a small projector that I have to edit after an ED update that has impacted it. I took the opportunity to add a script that allows via the ME triggers to control them. This pack contains: > 3D models > ON / OFF control LUA script (commented) > a little demo (under F2) Enjoy :) No Spots : With Spots : FG_Projecteur_ON_OFF_Infant.zip
  9. Thank's to the team for this nice project ! When do you think a flyable version will be available ? :)
  10. Add to the ED rules : > OR, XOR, NOT operators > associative use of ( ) for priority definition Thanks
  11. Hello PIetpuk, I'm happy if this script is usefull for you. I've not the gazelle, the Huey version have probably the same argument for front doors state. :) Have fun
  12. DFS - Digital Farm Simulator Lol :lol: We are all crazy.. Few month ago I Inserted special Infantry units ! the reds were Cows, blues were goat. Without Weapons... for be safe !
  13. De nada amigo. E echo este spot para dar luz initialmente al single FARP. Pero se pude usar no importa donde. Lo que no se hacer, es controlar este objecto para encender o apagar la luz desde el editor ! sigo buscando..
  14. A little gift.. Hello, if you want something like that (see picture) I made that few weeks ago.. Just have to : 1> download the zip attached 2> unzip it in your "SavedGame/Mods/tech" folder 3> in the mission editor you find a structure called "Y_Projecteur". You can orient it like a unit with the rotative button Have fun :) FG_Projecteur.zip
  15. A little gift.. MI8 And the same for MI8 : ------------- SCRIPT-------------------------- --========================================================== -- Control de l'état des portes du MI8 et retourne true si la porte est ouverte, false sinon. -- -- 1/ Charger dans l'éditeur de mission le présent fichier avec : "EXECUTER FICHIER SCRIPT" avec fichier = FG04.porteOuverteMI8.lua -- 2/ utilisation : on ajoute une règle "LUA PREDICATE" avec la commande suivante : -- return FG04.porteOuverteMI8("MI 01", "CARGO") -- teste portes arrière CARGO -- r
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