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  1. See here, at “Payment information”. - https://virpil-controls.eu/payment-info
  2. CCRP accuracy would depend on winds between you and target, any shear or direction change would make CEP larger. Mk84 blast radius should negate most reasonably small miss distances against a soft target however. Personally I don’t use CCRP much, if at all. CCIP is my preferred method from a low pop-up.
  3. I would have thought that with Phoenix/AWG-9 mid-course updates (especially over longer ranges), you can notch the missile or you can notch the fighter, but you may not be able to notch both at the same time.
  4. Translations don’t always . . . work. https://www.boredpanda.com/translation-fails/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=organic
  5. . . . . It’s your playground fella, do it how you see fit. When serving, we were from the ‘use the smallest amount of bang for the same desired effect’ mentality. You really don’t need to go Nuclear.
  6. I (and others) were of the impression that if you use Nukes, YOU have lost. The negatives are just too great. RW? You can lose land that will become uninhabitable for X amount of years, the fallout will create problems far and wide, you have lit the touch paper for any and all belligerents to go full retard and make the world glow. Sim? You can lob your weapon of mass annoyance on an MP server and gain a whole load of new people who, once back in the air, will be specifically looking for you, and maybe you will have lit the touch paper for any and all who wish to d
  7. Would asymmetric thrust work as the speed bleeds down? Doubt it would be a true hammerhead in the sense of the way a prop can accomplish it, but given the thrust available it could be a very close approximation? How tolerant are the intakes in such a high yaw scenario, the inner intake to the yaw may be okay, but could the outer handle the severely turbulent airflow coming over the nose?
  8. Also look at Decimomannu on the island of Sardinia. There is a range up the western side of the island (look for large white rings near the coast).
  9. Could be worse I suppose . > . > . Company names gone wrong
  10. Ha! True bud, true.
  11. Reheat flame pattern and strength can be effected by local environment in real world, maybe DCS models the same? When we took Tornado to the deserts around Nevada, quite often during the day you wouldn’t really see the flame pattern unless you were so close, very different to the UK. At night was a different story obviously. It all depended on ambient temp, pressure, altitude, quite a few things. The flame won’t always look the same, even trim settings in the engine can alter the flame, quite obvious if one has a slightly differing trim to the other. Not say
  12. . . . to ask the same thing again??
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