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  1. For the F-5 to become BVR capable, it would require a serious radar upgrade, with a much larger dish size. The radar upgrade would allow different A2A missile types to be utilised, AIM-120 for example. Trying to use the current radar set with upgraded weapons in a BVR arena, would be like trying to illuminate the moon with a Maglite from your backyard, just ain’t powerful enough from such a small dish.
  2. garyscott

    Honest AI question

    And each to their own, that is perfectly acceptable. My answer was for the original question, detailing my thoughts, ie; trying to get better at the online fight.
  3. Would you, and others, truly be happy with maybe a low detail rendition of the bases you state, with no terrain change between there and NTTR, or conversely a higher detail (but still lacking) airbase and lightly populated (dressed up) terrain between there and NTTR? I guarantee you would not - there would be cries of not enough detail (never mind it’s OUT of the area of the map) in the base renditions, or not enough terrain detail ‘out there’. Again, what pleases one will annoy another, so where would it stop? Just how far should it go? It still won’t happen. Unless as a private mod y
  4. Why not just add Hawaii? Seriously - it’s called NTTR as that is the main cantered area. If we keep asking for areas further and further out, kinda defeats the object. Where would the limit be? Let’s say they give in and add Vandenburg AFB, guaranteed there will be someone who says that the map still isn’t big enough, and could they add maybe Klamath Falls so they can commute from the other direction. Where would it stop? For those that wish to commute large distances to the NTTR, there are several civilian sims that can give you the whole world. If you wish to emulate a flag, then
  5. garyscott

    Honest AI question

    To be honest, if you are training for the online community, I would actually just dive in to an online arena anyway. The AI in SP, whilst it can be a ‘general’ introduction, does not act like a human, will not think like a human, nor will it make performance or employment errors like a human. The AI uses a flight model that does to an extent, give let’s say an F-5, incredible vertical performance. A human opponent, flying something with an representative flight model (of the real aircraft) will not be so superhuman. You will cross swords with opponents who have really practice
  6. Bit odd for both imperial AND metric data to be displayed? Confusion guaranteed.
  7. When on the F-4, was standard. Aero brake until nose fall through, then full back stick to aid slowing.
  8. We used to take at low to mid 20’s for Tornado at around 280KIAS if I remember correctly, F-4 could be a little higher (up to high 20’s) and around the same speed. Refuelling could be done a little faster (velocity), I seem to remember 315? All airframes have their own best speeds to tank at, there is no one speed suits all. Same with altitudes, they can be weather dependant, tanker type dependant, receiver dependant.
  9. Awww . . . I thought we was fwends . .
  10. I’ll have dibs on a TIE, see you up there! Lol
  11. Don’t have this module, but being same developer, could the F-14s hide stick key be the same on the Viggen? *Backspace. Fingers crossed?
  12. Please feel free to list.
  13. The A-10C modelled is not that new, many of the systems modelled being (like Scorpion for instance) around 4 years old, the -10C2 program effectively being 11 years old now. It really isn’t ‘that’ new. The -15EX is an order of magnitude more advanced. You will not be getting accurate systems modelling on this bird were it to come to fruition. It would be artistic speculation.
  14. Never going to happen. What you would get (if it pitched up in DCS) is an approximation based upon guesswork. You would be better off taking a Star Wars X-Wing, more is seemingly known about the capabilities of this fictional machine, than the EX you propose.
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