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  1. Yes, RB 15 compatibility came with the AJS mod early 90s. Thus, AJ 37 regardless of era could not carry RB 15.
  2. SMEs (IRL Viggen pilots, I remember Hilmersby and another on Youtube but probably more) has said several times that the DCS Viggen engine is too weak on mil power. They raised specific situations where they never needed to use the AB but it's necessary in DCS for example.
  3. I guess this request only applies to the real puritans ... maybe it's better that you commit your resources to the demands of the greater community like J 35 Draken or JA 37?
  4. The CK data panel should also be changed then.
  5. The 3D model they showed off were a mix of D and F/J versions so why not all three?
  6. Thanks! Maybe by tagging @RagnarDa or @IronMike we can increase the chances.
  7. *Bump in an attemp to get HB attention* (I still think it would be super cool to be tactical and make target fixes with a 2 second radar flash
  8. *Bump to try to get HB attention on this for "the final push out of EA"*
  9. Thanks but I'm refering to the (latest) April 22 update (DCS, not the first 2.7 update.
  10. Thanks for the EP-13 adjustment knob labels in the latest OB! Anything else changed? (No changelog for HB)
  11. Haha I hear you at least Yes, I also noticed that the cursor is not moving on both axis at the same time. Some weeks ago I thought I should make use of my old joystick as a radar stick but with the very rudimentary implementation atm, I quickly binned that idea... (I saw an old IRL Viggen video where the cursor clearly moved along both axis simultaneously so I'm also positive it's a bug.)
  12. IRL, I don't think it's possible to deliver neither bombs nor rockets in any other way than "all at once". I'm pretty sure I have read it in the official Swedish flight manuals.
  13. Regarding missing G-effect in the Viggen. It's there but just much weaker than before it seems. I had to increase the percentage on that particular effect. Bottom line, this is not a problem. Thanks for your attention anyway
  14. I'm saying IRL the controls have text labels but they are not present in DCS.
  15. There should be text there. Here is a photo I found: And while I'm at it...
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