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  1. This is much better! Glad you came to your senses.
  2. Why is this stuff still a sticky thread?
  3. You got to be kidding ED! This is just a mess, don't even know where to start.... just give us the old one back.
  4. Thanks! You pointed me in the right direction so now it works again. If anyone have similar problems go to Windows Security\App and browser control\Exploit protection settings\program settings and there you add the Simshaker .exe as customized and tick the boxes. :thumbup:
  5. Suddenly, I also got this error message with "Unhandled exception" related to .NET. To my knowledge I haven't fiddled around with anything regarding this. I recently got a windows update though so it wouldn't surprise me if that f*cked up something. I have reinstalled the program to no avail and also tried to change permissions to admin but turned out the program already had all permissions. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks
  6. Good work with the anti collision lights and the navigation lights! Unfortunately the taxi light still doesn't work and now not formation and position lights either... :(
  7. Thanks Cobra! As a Viggen customer (I don't have the F-14) it feels good that you pop in here and talk to us every once in a while. What about the J 35? I hope that is first in line before A-6 and some other F-14 promises.
  8. It unfortunately seems to be some light bugs with the current OB patch for Viggen. - Anti coll light reflects on the inside of the fuselage (air intakes and engine) - Taxi lights and emergency lights don't work While I'm at it, the navigation lights seem way too bright, even on Halv and the anti coll light has always looked to dim to me if you compare with real videos.
  9. What about the J 35 Draken? Is it coming before the A-6?
  10. I agree! They are way too weak and have always been. It's kind of a turn off when you look at the aircraft from an external view.
  11. Yes, had an excellent opportunity to try it in Coup d'Etat M03 when you are to visually ID an unknown aircraft but bummer...it doesn't work. :(
  12. I think it only engages if your speed is relatively stable (i.e. you're not decelerating or accelerating too much). At least that's my experience.
  13. That was hilarious! :megalol:
  14. Ok but is the G-meter in the cockpit still not breaking 8G?
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