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  1. +1 Ground units are not re-arming. I set up a single unit, Grad, had it 'Fire at Point' in advanced settings. The unit fires all its munitions once, then goes back into 'Standby'. If you enter the unit it shows 'Depleted' munitions. You can start a reload if you like, other wise the unit remains empty. I would assume expected behaviour reload and keep firing at the selected point, unles ROUNDS EXPEND is checked & amount specified. It doesn't matter if the unit is at an airfield or out bush with a supply vehicle. I just ran a CA mission that comes with DCS - Advance on
  2. Ah Ok, so you want something in game. ME to be more precise. Yeah, I know what you mean, it is a pain at the moment. The unit viewing window on bottom right is tiny for my old eyes. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the game once have a view of the unit (aircraft in particular) where the stores selection window is and the you could actually see the aircraft with the stores attached AND the chosen livery. (Or was I just drinking heavily back then)
  3. Do you mean like using Model Viewer? Do you want to have a view of the aircraft and just flick through all the liveries regardless of nationality?
  4. I thought 2nm was good. In fact the SCUD had such a bad reputation we nicknamed a guy I used the fly with ‘The SCUD”, every time he took off you never knew where he would land. (You can never have too much fuel, unless you are on fire)
  5. +1. Started happening after latest update. I find you need to dip the nose when you want to fire to align the sights. Otherwise it goes bezerk.
  6. :thumbup: thanks man that was my next step.
  7. Please excuse my ignorance Skate, but is this the correct file? DCS Updater Utility.log
  8. When I go to Aircraft Modules it only shows the 2 free modules as green (Su-25T & TF-51) If I check the modules I own & select 'Install Seleted Modules' it goes thru what appears to be an install of the selected modules but they still show up red. This is also the same for the installed terrains, WWII asset pack & CA that I own.
  9. I feel ya pain, and totally agree with you. This is why I love my iPad.
  10. Cannot rearm refuel in game. Other modules work Ok. Have tried several maps - same problem. No response from ground crew at all. Doors open etc. Preset loads do not show up in rearm window.
  11. Thanks Rudel, I think I might have a go at copy and paste, change whatever needs to be changed registry/location wise and see how it goes. Quick query though, if deactivation/activation doesn’t matter why do they show up on the DCS site under all licences? Or is that just a hang over from Star Force? HB.
  12. I am getting a new SSD to use just for DCS (and another flight sim when I get it) – let’s call it drive D: What I want to do is a complete fresh install of DCS to drive D:, NOT a copy & paste. I am obviously happy with the install part to the new drive etc. Windows 10 will remain on the old drive for now – drive C: What I want to know is: 1. Do I have to deactivate the paid modules before re-installing DCS? (I was going to leave the current version on drive C: until the new install is working as I want) 2. If required how do I deactivate the modules so I don’t use up my activ
  13. Have a look at this paint. It should get you started. From memory the originals didn’t have some of it painted so I redid them. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3300836/ This isn’t the same mouth as you’re doing but hopefully gets you going in the right direction.
  14. It’s hidden on one of the other dds files. I’ll have a look tomorrow but I can say it’s not on the A file. From memory it’s in the top right area of maybe the B or C. Edit: it got the better of me. It’s on the C file top right about 1/5 the way down. Look for two long parts with a line of screws/rivets on each.
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